Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Since the Middle Ages, wedding anniversary gifts have been determined by how long the couple have been married. The tradition of wedding anniversaries dates back to the Medieval German empire, when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on the 25th anniversary of their wedding and a gold wreath on their 50th.

In the Commonwealth realms, the Queen sends out messages for 60th, 65th
and 70th wedding anniversaries. To get your special message,
you can apply to Buckhingham Palace (for UK residents) or the
Governor-General’s office (other Commonwealth realms).

Fabrics, natural materials and flowers are among the extensive list of traditional presents. Wood, for example, is traditionally given for the 5th wedding anniversary, which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating today.

Here is a list of the traditional gifts given for each wedding anniversary by year:

1st Paper

For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, commission a beautiful sketch of their wedding venue. This one was drawn by artists in North Devon. Personalised Wedding Venue Portrait, £40,

2nd Cotton

3rd Leather
A beautiful leather-bound notebook will impress both sexes. Add the finishing touch by getting it engraved with their initials or even the word ‘Three’.
4th Flowers
But not just any bunch of flowers. Show you care by replicating the blooms from their wedding day bouquet.

5th Wood

Not sure what makes for a ‘wood’ gift? Send them to a gorgeous secluded log cabin on a fabulous forest holiday.

10th Tin

The perfect present for their first decade together? A picture frame with a black and white photo of the big day.

15th Crystal

Toast this milestone by treating them to set of Swarovski champagne flutes.

20th China

Butterfly Bloom Plate Set (Set of 4), £60, Wedgwood

There’s no better way to serve up afternoon tea than on these elegant patterned beauties from the Royal Appointed tableware company Wedgwood.

The rest will cost a pretty penny and speak for themselves…

25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 35th Coral, 40th Ruby, 45th Sapphire, 50th Gold, 60th Diamond

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