The top names for pandemic puppies has been revealed

Has your pet got one of these adorable names?

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Go Compare has recently conducted a study to discover what we've all been naming our pets during the lockdown and the results may surprise you.

During the lockdown, many of us invested in a furry friend to keep us company as many of us realized there really is nothing better than pulling on your best walking boots and taking your pooch on a long country walk. Interestingly, we might not be as original and creative as we thought as it turns out a lot of us have been giving our pets the same names. 

Go Compare has recently revealed the top ten names for pet pooches that have been brought during the lockdown. Go Compare discovered that a lot of us liked to go for a classic hit with the name Charlie placing at number 10 and Reggie placing at number 9 in the top ten. 

It seemed that some of us were influenced by food and drinks and food-related names also placed highly this year with Bailey and Coco making it onto the top ten list. Bailey placed at number 8 while Coco was seventh most popular.

The name Lola placed sixth, Buddy fifth, and Teddy fourth. Teddy was also the most popular name for Shih Tzus during the lockdown as Go Compare also discovered that the fluffy breed was most commonly named Teddy which is likely to do with their adorable fluffy fur that indeed makes them look like real-life teddy bears. 

The third most popular name for a dog is Milo which was only narrowly beaten by the name Bella. These sweet names are extremely popular with dog owners and Bella is the most common name for various breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweillers, and English Springer Spaniels. Milo was also popular, particularly with smaller dogs as Milo is the most popular name for Jack Russells.

In number one spot is the name, Luna. This popular name outstripped any other names by a long shot and was crowned the most popular dog name. This name's popularity also spreads to cats and has become the most popular name for both cats and dogs. 

So if you are looking for some trendy names to name your pandemic pooch, all of these are fantastic options, but name them with caution! Bear in mind that if you call out for your new dog Luna in the park, you may be bombarded by quite a few dogs!

The top 10 names for puppies bought in the pandemic:

1. Luna

2. Bella

3. Milo

4. Teddy

5. Buddy

6. Lola

7. Coco

8. Bailey

9. Reggie

10. Charlie

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