Stacey Abrams is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Stacey Abrams, U.S. voting rights activist, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize following her pioneering work in Georgia.

Stacey Abrams
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Stacey Abrams has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize following her pioneering work to promote voting and voter rights in the U.S. 

Stacey Abrams has been a campaigner for voting rights for over a decade. She was recently credited for Georgia turning blue after years as a deep red state following years of low voter turnout and systemic voter suppression. She is also credited for helping Democrats win the Georgia Senate runoff in January.

After serving in the Georgia state congress for 10 years, Abrams started a grassroots campaign called Fair Fight. The organization aimed to double the voter turnout in Georgia. She worked to ensure that Americans are utilizing their vote and making their voices heard. 

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A Norwegian member of parliament and environmentalist for the Socialist Pary, Lars Haltbrekken, has nominated Abrams for her work over the past few months. 

"Abrams' work follows in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps in the fight for equality before the law and for civil rights," Haltbrekken said. 

The Norwegian parliament member went on to say that Abrams' work is vital if the U.S. is to heal as a nation following a time of civil unrest. "Abrams' efforts to complete King's work are crucial if the United States of America shall succeed in its effort to create fraternity between all its peoples and a peaceful and just society," said Haltbrekken.

Martin Luther King also won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize award in 1964 for his work as the leader of the 1960s civil rights movement. Former American politicians who have won this award include Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Jimmy Carter. 

Lars Haltbrekken said on Instagram that there is "no peace without democracy and right to vote. Stacey Abrams deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. That's why I nominated her."

It is not confirmed that Abrams will receive a final endorsement from the Nobel committee in Oslo. Although members of parliaments across the world and former winners are eligible to propose candidates for this award, the thousands of votes are then compiled and passed over to the Nobel committee, who make the final decision. 

This year, other candidates include former president Donald Trump, anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, the World Health Organization, and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

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