The best and worst places to sell a property in the UK - is your area on the list?

Buying and selling property is famously one of the most stressful things most of us will ever do.

And when it comes to moving on from your home, we all want to guarantee a quick sale - as waiting around for your property to budge can often delay your future plans.

But when it really comes down to it, perhaps one of the most important factors in getting your house off the market is undeniably, location.

Your home could be one of the most polished and pristine properties around, but if it's in the wrong area, shifting it could easily become a problem. As Kirsty and Phil always say - location, location, location!

So where in the UK is it easiest to sell a property - and where is it hardest?

According to House Beautiful, Quick Move Now has teamed up with property search experts,, to uncover the top 10 best and worst places to sell a home, throughout both England and Wales, in 2018 so far.

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They assessed how long properties tend to stay on the market in certain areas, with, of course, a shorter amount being preferable for home sellers.

A large majority of the areas in which homes sell the fastest are places in Kent and Hertfordshire - and with the area's quick links to London and picturesque countryside, it's probably easy to see why.

Other areas include towns in Hampshire and Wiltshire - also a close commute to the capital.

10 best places in the UK to sell your home

1. Rainham, Kent - 87 days

2. Bristol – 88 days

3. Strood, Kent – 89 days

4. Swindon, Wiltshire – 90 days

5. Northampton – 93 days

6. Waterlooville, Hampshire – 94 days

7. Coventry – 94 days

8. Basingstoke, Hampshire – 94 days

9. Rochester, Kent – 96 days

10. Stevenage, Hertfordshire – 97 days

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The places where homes take the longest to sell included many areas further up North, such as Rotherham and South Shields. And perhaps unsurprisngly, the list also featured many London locations - which likely makes sense, given how intense and expensive the cities property market can be.

10 worst places in the UK to sell your home

1. Rotherham, South Yorkshire – 279 days

2. Knightsbridge – 277 days

3. Sunderland – 277 days

4. Mayfair – 272 days

5. North Shields, Newcastle – 268 days

6. Marylebone – 268 days

7. Soho – 266 days

8. Charing Cross – 265 days

9. South Shields, Newcastle – 264 days

10. Strand, London – 262 days

Research also found that the longer a property stays on sale, the more its value decreases. For example, the value of a home that's been on the market for over three months often decreases to 94% of its original estimated value.

It's certainly a useful guide - once again suggesting the importance of location when it comes to both house buying and selling.

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