Zara Tindall has been banned from driving for six months after she was caught speeding

The royal was caught speeding in a 70mph zone

Zara Tindall
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Zara Tindall has received a six month driving ban after being caught speeding at 91mph.

On 8th January, it was revealed that Zara Tindall had received the ban in Cheltenham today under the ‘totting up’ procedure. She had received the nine other points from previous motoring offences over the last three years.

Zara Tindall’s three previous offences were speeding in February 2017, a fixed penalty offence in February 2018 and a traffic signal penalty in December 2018.

Zara Tindall

Through her lawyer, Zara has pleaded guilty to speeding on November 6th 2019, making it her fourth driving offence in three years.

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Prosecutor Farley Turner explained the decision, saying,“Because Mrs Tindall already has nine points on her licence she was unable to accept a fixed penalty for this offence.”

Zara Tindall

All of these offences landed her three points each, meaning the recent incident has left her with the maximum number of points on her licence. As a result, a driving ban has now been issued.

Zara Tindall was driving a Land Rover at the time, and she is an ambassador for the motor company as they sponsor equestrian events and world-class competitions.

However, Land Rover told the Daily Mail that this ban will not affect her long-term role as an ambassador for their company.

A spokesperson said, “While Land Rover does not condone any form of speeding, Land Rover will continue its association with Zara Tindall as an equestrian ambassador.”

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