William and Kate’s latest move might not have the rest of the Royal Family on board – have you noticed this difference?

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales are trying something a little different

William and Kate's latest move has the jury still out from the rest of the royals
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William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are the King and Queen Consort in waiting. As such senior members of the Royal Family, you’d assume they’d be keen to toe the party line and follow the directions of William’s father, King Charles. However, the Wales’ are thought to be trying their own strategies out, especially when it comes to social media – and rumors suggest it’s not fully endorsed by the rest of the Palace.

In what many will surely see as a sign that the couple are easing into their roles as the King and Queen Consort in waiting, Prince William and Kate Middleton have made a bold step in their own direction.

The royal pair have broken the mold when it comes to a decades long approach on privacy when it comes to the life of the royals.

In fact, their attitude is a radical departure from the way Queen Elizabeth II famously led the family.

William and Kate are trying to appeal to a younger crowd through social media

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At the core of this new strategy is more openness between them and the public, with a notable increase in the number of behind-the-scenes videos and insight shared to their official social media accounts.

These peeks behind the curtain of royal life have included a look at the Princess of Wales preparing for her surprising Eurovision appearance, a video of the Coronation weekend and more insightful looks at the pair making their many appearances at charities.

It might not come as too much of a surprise that the young couple are starting to think about doing things their own way.

Kate has previously been praised as flourishing into the “real deal” in her role.

Prince William has also reportedly been vocal about wanting his coronation to be totally different to his fathers, insisting it was time for the monarchy to do away with some of the traditions – or “archaic nonsense” - that seem out of place for a modern society.

With all these not-so-subtle changes being introduced, how are the rest of the royals – like the king and Queen Camilla – taking to the sea change?

Well, according to one reported royal expert, Rebecca English, the “jury is still out.”

While the family might not be sold on sharing more of their lives, William and Catherine’s Instagram comments seem to suggest they’re definitely striking the right chords.

“Whoever has took over there social media need a major raise!! [sic]” one person commented on a post, as someone else added, “Please never fire your current social media marketing team.”

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