Prince William wants his coronation to be different from King Charles' with less 'archaic nonsense' and pomp

Prince William's Coronation will reportedly be very different from King Charles's Coronation and will feel more 'relevant' to modern society

Prince William's Coronation
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Prince William's Coronation will reportedly be very different from his dather's recent coronation as it is suggested that the royal has already begun thinking about his own celebrations in the distant future.

Following King Charles's Coronation there were a number of complaints about the old-fashioned nature of the celebrations and the money that was spent on 'archaic nonsense' and pageantry. Of course, many loved the Coronation and respected the tradition and continuation of service, but the nation was very much divided during the celebrations.

"The best way to deal with the coronation sleep through it-nodded off for a couple of hours-Christ it's still going on-save us this archaic nonsense," said one person on Twitter. "The future of the monarchy, ladies and gentlemen! Old-fashioned and stale," said another following the festivities.

"No wonder the younger generation care so little for the monarchy. What an opportunity with the coronation to try and make a connection to the British people and instead it’s just as pompous and old fashioned as expected. I appreciate the solemnity required but it’s not 1953," said yet another criticizer of the Coronation.

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However, it has been revealed that the Prince of Wales is looking to address these complaints and attempt to modernize the monarchy and his celebrations when it is time for him to accept the crown. 

A source close to the Prince told The Times, "He is really thinking, how do we make his coronation feel most relevant in the future? He is mindful of the fact that in 20 years’ time, or whenever his time comes, how can the coronation be modern but also unifying to the nation and the Commonwealth? I think his coronation will look and feel quite different."

The source added, "Are courtiers sitting at Kensington Palace coming up with a grand plan about what the next Bridge will look like [London Bridge was the codeword for the late Queen’s death, and Forth Bridge for Prince Philip]? No. But of course, the prince and his team are reflective about the events of last week and it is extremely important to him that it evolves to be relevant whenever it happens."


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Another source revealed that it won't just be about making the Coronation more modern, the Prince intends to make the role of a monarch more meaningful and make use of his role and position as the Prince of Wales.

"You can see it in how he has taken having an investiture off the table, and his thinking on how to leave a legacy in communities rather than just going in [to] do ribbon cutting. You can see it in how he is running an environmental prize with Earthshot that is not just about handing cash out, but about the long-term impact globally. He is thinking about his coronation in the same way," they said.

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