William and Harry will be 'exchanging Christmas presents for their children but not for each other'

The once-close brothers won't be buying each other gifts this Christmas

William and Harry
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Princes William and Harry will only exchange Christmas gifts for their children and not for each other, according to insiders.

Prince Harry and Prince William will not be exchanging Christmas gifts this year, amid tensions between the two which are thought to have risen since Meghan and Harry's Netflix series landed this week.

According to the Sunday Times, Kate and William will still be sending three-year-old nephew Archie and one-year-old niece Lilibet presents for Chirstmas. And Harry and Meghan have also posted parcels to their nieces and nephews, but there will be no festive gift exchange between the adults.

A friend of the Prince of Wales has also told the newspaper that William will 'definitely' not be watching the controversial series. Harry was said to have been hoping that his brother and his father, King Charles, would watch it to get a better idea of what he and Meghan have had to go through.

Prince Harry

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The brothers, who came together for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September, are thought to have been feuding since Harry and Meghan quit royal duties for a new life in the US back in 2020.

With Harry previously confessing that he and William are "on different paths" and telling Oprah Winfrey he sees his brother as "trapped" in the royal family system, a royal pro recently gave an insight into another part of the Duke of Sussex's life that has suffered in the wake of the fall out. 

Royal expert Christine-Marie Liwag explained, "There's nothing more fun than being an aunt or uncle. It certainly seemed like Prince Harry embraced the role of fun uncle."

Speaking to OK! magazine, Christine added, "as you can imagine, things went downhill pretty quickly. And given the rift between Harry and William, Harry's role as an uncle suffered. According to the 2020 book Finding Freedom, Harry's bond with George and Charlotte suffered as a result of the feud between the brothers."

William and Harry

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Volume two of Meghan and Harry's series will be released on December 15, and the Royal Family are thought to be concerned about the "poison" that might come out.

King Charles and Prince William are thought to be planning a 'united front' when it comes to responding to the series, but with volume two expected to delve into Harry's strained relationship with his family, the Royal Family are undoubtedly concerned. 

In the coming episodes, the Sussexes will discuss their reasons for quitting the monarchy and deciding to move to the United States. And one royal source is said to have told The Times that "next week will be poison."

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