Royal family's fears of 'poison' ahead of new Harry and Meghan Netflix episodes

Royals fear 'next week will be poison' with new Harry and Meghan episodes to come, according to an insider

poison Harry and Meghan
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Members of the Royal Family are reportedly concerned over volume two of Harry and Meghan's Netflix series, with a royal insider claiming they are fearing 'poison' next week. 

The Royal Family fears that the Netflix episodes released next week, on December 15, by Meghan and Harry “will be poison”,a Palace insider is thought to have said.

The Royal Family has been bracing itself for what revelations may be made in the six part series and while there may not have been any significant damage caused by the first three episodes, there is a fear that the volume two next week could have more reason for harm.

King Charles and Prince William are thought to be planning a 'united front' when it comes to responding to the series, but with volume two expected to delve into Harry's strained relationship with his family, the Royal Family are undoubtedly concerned. 

poison Harry and Meghan

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In next week’s episodes, the Sussexes will discuss their reasons for quitting the monarchy and deciding to move to the United States. And one royal source is said to have told The Times that "next week will be poison".

Viewers were treated to a first look at the second volume of episodes with a 30-second teaser, which was available at the end of the third episode and pointed to how Meghan and Harry will go into their reasons for emigrating and leaving behind their lives as working royals.

A voice can be heard referencing their decision to "take a step back from their royal duties," while Meghan adds, "This is when a family and a family business are in direct conflict." Harry then says, "everything that's happened to us was always going to happen to us."

Meghan then said, "Suddenly what clicked in my head was, it's never going to stop." The teaser ends with Harry saying, "There was no other option at this point. I said, 'We need to get out of here'." Viewers then see footage of a plane taking off and the couple tightly holding hands.

poison Harry and Meghan

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The second volume of the series could be more emotionally charged and feature bigger bombshells as to the current dynamics with their family.

One source close to the Netflix production has said, "I genuinely think it’s going to be worse than the royals can imagine. I’m told that it’s going to be utterly explosive and will be very damaging."

They added, "Whatever comes out, some people will think that Harry is betraying his family and that it’s unforgivable. But if what finally airs is as seismic as we’re led to believe then it may be good for the Sussexes. There’s been some talk the documentary has been toned down but at the moment that’s wrong."

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