King Charles and Prince William expected to put on a 'united front' ahead of the release of Harry and Meghan's 'explosive' documentary

The Prince of Wales and King Charles are expected to have 'crisis talks' in the coming days

King Charles
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King Charles is set to have 'crisis' talks with Prince William on his return from Boston to prepare for the release of Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary on Thursday, according to a source.

The trailer for Meghan and Harry's Netflix documentary has now been released and it looks set to be a seriously explosive series.

In the first look at Harry and Meghan's Netflix show, Harry says, "There's also planting of stories, it's a dirty game... the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution, it's a feeding frenzy.” While Meghan adds, “I realized they're never going to protect you”

One source close to the Netflix production has now said, “I genuinely think it’s going to be worse than the royals can imagine. I’m told that it’s going to be utterly explosive and will be very damaging.”

Meghan and Harry

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The source added, “A lot of people are either pro-Sussex or pro-William and Kate, but there’s a belief that this documentary will bring people onside with Harry and Meghan. The big question is that, whatever the revelations are, who will people side with after seeing the show. It has that feeling like the public will have to choose."

"Whatever comes out, some people will think that Harry is betraying his family and that it’s unforgivable. But if what finally airs is as seismic as we’re led to believe then it may be good for the Sussexes. There’s been some talk the documentary has been toned down but at the moment that’s wrong.”

Other Royal insiders claim that William is ready to discuss the coming series with his father King Charles and that the duo are expected to put on a “united front” in launching any potential response to Harry and Meghan’s documentary.

King Charles

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Senior palace officials working for the King and Prince of Wales will watch the first three episodes going out on Thursday, to ensure swift action can be taken if needed.

William and Kate headed home at the weekend after celebrating the success of the second annual Earthshot Prize awards and handing out five prizes of £1million each to entrepreneurs and innovators ‘spearheading groundbreaking solutions to repair and regenerate the planet.'

It has been claimed that the release of Harry and Meghan's initial Netflix trailer while the Prince and Princess were on tour, was 'deliberate.' A source told The Times, "It was definitely deliberate, without any question. But not at all unexpected. They want all the attention they can possibly get."

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