We're obsessed with Carole Middleton's thick 80s bangs in this old photo of her as a new mom with newborn Princess Catherine

We're so into Carole Middleton's bangs and bob haircut in this throwback photo from when she was new to motherhood

Carole Middleton's bangs
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An old photograph of Kate Middleton as a newborn baby shows her mom, Carole Middleton, rocking some seriously impressive bangs. 

  • Carole can be seen cradling her new daughter Catherine in the sweet old photo - but we can't help but notice her haircut. 
  • The 1980s snapshot of the Princess of Wales as a baby was once shared with the public to mark Mother's Day - and it proves that Carole has always had impressive hair. 
  • In other royal news, Kate went thrifty in a chic two-in-one blazer dress and a jewelry re-wear for an appearance at the National Portrait Gallery. 

Bob haircuts and hairstyles with bangs are timeless statement looks, and while Carole Middleton is known for rocking sleek layers or a glam blowdry these days, she once looked incredible with a thick full fringe and a choppy 80s bob. 

The retired business woman, whose firstborn daughter grew up to become the Princess of Wales, always looked preened and chic when she steps out for public appearances, with Carole's stylish looks never failing her. 

This insight into Carole's hair history shows her as a new mom aged around 26-years-old, looking relaxed with her and Michael Middleton's new daughter, Catherine Middleton. 

The picture, which was shared on social media by the Prince and Princess of Wales back on Mother's Day in 2020, shows young Carole with her shapely bob and choppy full bangs covering her forehead, gazing up out of shot and looking effortlessly put together in a black sweater and white collar. 

In Carole's arms, a tiny Princess Catherine can be seen with her eyes closed, looking cozy in a baby blue knit and a white blanket. 

Carole Middleton's bangs

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These days, Carole, who recently sold her business Party Pieces after a 'terrible' Christmas, is more into warmth, volume, bounce and shine when it comes to her hair, with an expert recently revealing that her look is all in the color and cut. 

Nicole Petty, hair expert at Milk + Blush, told woman&home that Carole's enviable style is achieved with simple highlights and a strategic shaping to suit her facial structure. 

Carole Middleton's bangs

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"In her younger years, Carole wore her naturally dark hair in a thick shoulder-length bob cut, with a heavy brow-length side-fringe," Nicole explained, adding, "However, more recently, she has updated her look, adding warm tone highlights to her chestnut locks, and opting for a lob, layers and lighter pieces around the face."

Pointing out that Carole's summery blonde highlights are strategically placed for a subtle yet powerful radiance, Nicole continued, "Her highlights are concentrated around the crown of her head and towards the front of her face, which work beautifully to add warmth and soften her facial features.

"The addition of lighter hues around the crown also creates a lifting effect which adds tonal texture and volume to her hair which may otherwise appear flat. The result gives her a more youthful look and is what allows her hair to age gracefully."

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