We just found out what King Charles smells like and honestly we're surprised!

According to Prince Harry's memoir, King Charles smells like a classic Dior fragrance and you might not have seen this coming...

What King Charles smells like revealed. Seen here during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi
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King Charles’ signature scent has been revealed by Prince Harry in his bestselling memoir, Spare, and we're honestly quite surprised.

Amongst all the shocking claims in Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, about the Prince of Wales, there are also plenty of revelations focused on their father. Everything from King Charles’ wild morning routine involving “acrobat” skills to allegations about King Charles’ heartbreaking plea to Prince William and Prince Harry we laid bare in the bestselling book. And it was thanks to Spare that we now know what King Charles smells like, according to the Duke of Sussex. 

Getting candid about his father’s choice of fragrance, Prince Harry suggested that His Majesty “slather[ed]” on one cologne in particular that was dubbed his “personal scent”. 

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales at Donaghadee Harbour

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As revealed by The Telegraph, the Duke of Sussex, who is fifth in the royal line of succession, claimed that King Charles “was always sniffing things” ranging from roses to food and even their hair. He went on to allege that his father “took all those long sniffs because it was hard to smell anything over his personal scent. Eau Sauvage.”

Likely considered as one of the best men’s cologne by many, it's intriguing to learn that Dior’s Eau Sauvage is apparently what King Charles smells like. And if you've never given Eau Sauvage a go before then Prince Harry even described some the elements he picked up on in the scent. 

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“He’d slather the stuff on his cheeks, his neck, his shirt,” Prince Harry said. “Flowery, with a hint of something harsh, like pepper or gunpowder, it was made in Paris.”

The Eau de Toilette version of the scent is described by Dior as “a token of good taste and refined virility”. They add that the fragrance has a “floral citrus signature” which echoes Prince Harry’s suggestion that there’s a “flowery” element to his father’s choice of scent. Meanwhile the Parfum Eau Sauvage is apparently “vibrant and fresh” with citrus, vetiver and a “spicy, amber base”.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales visit The Prince's Foundation for Children and The Arts

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Either way, both of these versions of Eau de Toilette sound fresh and citrusy. But this choice might surprise anyone who imagined King Charles would opt for a bespoke scent. Though he's not the only royal to favor a classic fragrance as Kate Middleton's favorite perfume from Jo Malone is a well-known bestseller from the British brand - Orange Blossom cologne. When it comes to royal scents it seems citrus and floral is the way to go! 

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