Queen Camilla's silky soft hair has us wondering what her secret is as the senior royal steps out in elegant frilled blouse

Queen Camilla's silky soft hair stunned at a royal engagement on January 18 as she visited the University of Aberdeen in Scotland

Queen Camilla's silky soft hair
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Queen Camilla's silky soft hair delighted fans as the Queen consort arrived in Scotland to meet with people at the University of Aberdeen and says it feels 'a bit like coming home'. 

Queen Consort Camilla, is the Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen. As part of her role associated with the University, Camilla Parker Bowles visited the university's new Science Teaching Hub and viewed demonstrations in the University's labs, and met with staff and students on January 18.

Lovely photographs of the Queen were snapped as she received a bouquet of flowers from two four-year-olds from the Rocking Horse Nursery, Elspeth Cameron and Rosa Alexander. In the images, the Queen's healthy blonde hair was on full display as Her Majesty showed her ability to maintain soft and silky hair, even with bleached and treated hair. 

Queen Camilla's silky soft hair

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While many of us struggle to know which products are best for our hair, there is a best shampoo and conditioner for each and every hair type out there. For the Queen, it is likely that she is using one of the best purple shampoos which will help her to beat brassiness and avoid yellowish tones in her white-blonde hair.

Queen Camilla's choice of shampoo and conditioner haven't been revealed, but Kate Middleton's favorite shampoo and conditioner for achieving shiny hair are from Kérastase. Perhaps the Queen has borrowed hair care tips from her step-daughter-in-law and opted for a nutrient-rich shampoo which helps her to keep her hair in such good condition. 

Queen Camilla

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While in Aberdeen, the Queen made a speech about how special the university is to her, and how coming to the town made her feel at home. 

"Coming to this university, and to this city, has always felt a bit like coming home. Firstly, because my father’s family came from this part of Scotland; secondly, because my husband and I are lucky enough to spend precious time each year in Aberdeenshire; and finally, because ten years ago, I received the great honour of being installed as Chancellor of this very special University," said Camilla in a speech as she addressed staff and students at the University.

The new Science Teaching Hub was the focal point of Her Majesty's trip, but a post from the Royal Family's Instagram page, revealed the pioneering work from the University to a cause rather close to the Queen and King's heart.

"In 2020, the University launched its Aberdeen 2040 strategy, with sustainability as a key area of focus – including a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions before 2040," read the post. For decades, environmental protection and stopping climate change is something that King Charles has been fighting for, suggesting that the importance placed by the university on these issues, is only further aligning them with the Royal Family's beliefs.

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