'Unsung heroes' of the Royal Family revealed and one of them is Princess Charlotte's role model

The 'unsung heroes' of the Royal Family have been revealed by fans who believe these royals should have a more prominent role

'Unsung heroes' of the Royal Family
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Royal fans have revealed the 'unsung heroes' of the Royal Family, and one of the key members appears to be Princess Charlotte's royal role model.

At the Commonwealth Games last week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by their daughter Princess Charlotte whose cheeky faces during the engagement caught the attention of adoring fans. Another branch of the Royal Family was also in attendance at this game and fans loved to watch as the Cambridge clan interacted with the Earl and Countess of Wessex and their two children. 

Lady Louise

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At the games, the royals all hugged as a greeting and beamed as they sat near each other to watch the sporting events. The families seemed at ease in one another presence and fans loved to see this behind-the-scenes royal relationship, with some even suggesting the Wessexes are clearly the 'unsung heroes' of the Royal Family.

"The Wessexes have been the unsung heroes for years, finally now receiving their own well deserved credit and traction. They have a clear and beautiful bond with the lovely Cambridges as well as other members of the family - and particularly the Queen and the late Prince Phillip," said one commenter.

Others were particularly pleased to see how the youngest member was included in the family and the Wessexes made an effort to chat with Charlotte.

"It’s heartwarming to see how delighted the Wessexes look to see Princess Charlotte. The whole family is beaming with delight. The Wessexes are a credit to the monarchy and would be to any family, as are the Cambridges," said one fan.

Prince Edward and Prince William

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One even suggested that the smiles between Princess Charlotte and Lady Louise indicated that the young royal may have found her royal role model in the family. "You can tell their relationship isn’t just for show. Their personalities mesh so well. The way Charlotte looked adoringly at Lady Louise was so cute," said one fan.

"Apparently Louise babysits sometimes for the Cambridges. Lovely relationship obviously..Speaks volumes," said another fan. It has long been rumored that Prince William and Kate Middleton's secret babysitter during the summer holidays is Lady Louise, especially when the families are at Balmoral Castle. This could explain the close bond the families have seemingly created with one another and why Princess Charlotte may be so fond of Lady Louise.

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