This royal is the most popular public figure in America - and it's not the King or the Princess of Wales!

The most popular public figure in the US is a member of the Royal Family - and honestly, we're a little bit surprised!

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The most popular public figure in the US isn't a politician or a foreign leader, it's actually a member of the Royal Family.

A new survey from Gallup has revealed that Prince William is the most popular public figure in America! That's right, not Princess Catherine or King Charles III, the Prince of Wales!

With a favourable rating of 59% Prince William was the most popular figure of the 15 public figures in the survey. This meant that the Prince was even ahead of Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy who had a favorability rating of 57%!

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It was even revealed that the Prince was more popular than other royals, that included his own father,  King Charles III. The King was only rated favourably by 46% of the people polled, making him the fourth most popular public figure. This is significantly lower than his son's popularity rating. 37% of the people polled also had an unfavourable opinion of the King. In comparison, Prince William only had  22% of people rating him unfavourably.

In the UK, according to YouGov, the late Queen is still the most popular member of the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II has a 76% popularity rating, Prince William is second with a 67% rating, and King Charles was in fifth place with a 55% rating. Although they may not be as famous across the pond, Princess Anne is the third most popular royal with a 63% rating, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, had a 62% rating, making her the fourth most popular member of the family. 

King Charles III departs following his Coronation Ceremony

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 How favourable Public Figures in the news are in the US

  1. Prince William - 59%
  2. Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy - 57%
  3. Jill Biden - 49%
  4. King Charles III - 46%
  5. U.S. Supreme Court chief justice, John Roberts - 43%
  6. Donald Trump - 41%
  7. Joe Biden - 41%
  8. Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas - 39%
  9. Kamala Harris - 38%
  10. Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy - 37%
  11. Florida governor, Ron DeSantis - 37%
  12. Mike Pence - 35%
  13. House Democratic leader, Hakeem Jeffries - 31%
  14. Attorney General, Merrick Garland - 31%
  15. Russian President, Vladimir Putin - 5%

The results from Gallup also showed that Jill Biden was rather popular with the people polled and was more popular than the King or her husband the President. 

Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump also received divided, but very similar results. President Biden was voted favourably by 41% of people polled. Similarly, Trump was also viewed favourably by 41% of the people polled. However, Trump was viewed as unfavourable by 55% of people, and Biden was unfavourable with 57% of the people polled.

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