The unlikely dessert that made the Queen 'really angry' and led to a sassy message from Her Majesty

According to a royal chef, the Queen was 'really angry' after she was offered this rare dessert and responded in an unusual way

Queen was 'really angry'
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The Queen was 'really angry' after being offered a rare dessert says royal chef, Darren McGrady who cooked for the Queen for many years in her households.

In a video released by royal chef, Darren McGrady, it was revealed that there was only one occasion when the Queen was frustrated by one of his food recommendations, but for a very unique reason.

"I still remember the one time that I made her really angry, or maybe just a little bit frustrated," said Darren. The chef explained that the Queen communicates with her chefs using a red leather-bound book which the chefs will place possible menus and recipes inside for the Queen to pick. The book is known as the Menu Royale and allows the chefs to prepare their ingredients and recipes about three days in advance. 

Darren revealed that he made a major faux pas when he recommended a rare Scandinavian dessert to the Queen in the menu Royale but critically forgot to include an ingredients list and a recipe - which is fundamental for new menu items. 

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The chef revealed that he then promptly received a handwritten note from the Queen asking about the dessert. The Queen asked, 'What or who are the Veiled Farmer's Daughters?' The dessert is popular in Norway and is known as Tilslørte bondepiker or sometimes 'Veiled Farm Girls,' but of course the Queen was not familiar with this pudding which is rather uncommon in the UK.

The dish consists of a cinnamon and sugar bready crumble, with strawberries and whipped cream. The recipe is very versatile and some make the dish with apples or pears in the winter, or strawberries and soft berries in the summer - with a dash of orange liquor if you fancy a little tipple.

Although the Queen wasn't impressed with this dish at first, this menu item was not one of the weird things that Her Majesty dislikes. The Queen is a big fan of strawberries and is not known to be a fussy eater, however, there are a number of other foods that the Queen does not enjoy eating, such as onions and shellfish.

Her Majesty also has some bizarre habits, and it was reported that the Queen eats hamburgers in the weirdest way as she likes her burgers deconstructed and served with cranberry sauce.

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