The unique detail in Camilla's stunning art deco brooch that means it looks good with every single outfit

Queen consort Camilla's stunning art deco brooch was the star of the show on Thursday, November 3, as she stepped out at an engagement

Camilla's stunning art deco brooch
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Camilla's stunning art deco brooch was on full display at some recent royal engagements at Buckingham Palace.

Camilla Parker Bowles held an Audience with the Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coelho on Thursday. For this event, Her Majesty layered a blouson-sleeved shirt with a tunic black pinafore on top. 

An image posted on the Royal Family's Instagram page showed the Queen with Joseph as the caption explained, "@josephcoelhoauthor is an award-winning performance poet, playwright and children's author, who will hold the role of Children’s Laureate from 2022-24. Her Majesty has long championed the joy of reading and advocated for the importance of literacy."

In the image posted, the Queen's stunning brooch was in full view as it was placed on her left shoulder next to a bright red poppy for remembrance day. This brooch actually has a fantastic history and has been seen on Her Majesty on a number of occasions. 

According to The Court Jeweller, the brooch once belonged to the Queen Mother and is called the Rock Crystal brooch. It is thought that the brooch dates back to the 1920s, which explains its art deco design and its unique shape.

According to the Jeweller, "The brooch is made of translucent rock crystal carved with scroll designs. The jewel features a diamond centerpiece and diamond edging with black enamel detailing. This view from the side of the piece emphasizes the carved designs." 

The brooch also has a very unique way of matching any outfit that it is placed upon. This is because it has a unique see-through design. "Because the rock crystal is translucent, the brooch takes on the color of the fabric worn behind it, sometimes obscuring the delicate details of the piece," says the Jeweller. 

The translucent rock and the clear diamonds mean that the piece is perfect to wear at any point and with any look. This is perfect for the Queen consort, who has worn the brooch since 2008 with a number of different outfits. Her Majesty was seen in the brooch in Poland in April 2008, at the Vatican in April 2009, and on a visit to the Royal Academy of Dance in London in February 2018.


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Queen Elizabeth's most incredible brooches are still worn by members of the Royal Family, but some have been donated to go on display as a way of remembering the late Queen. 

The last brooch ever gifted to the Queen went on display in October when it was donated to the Goldsmiths’ Fair in London. The brooch was selected by the Queen to wear during a number of Platinum Jubilee appearances, and following her death, it can now be enjoyed by all who visit the fair in London.

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