Last brooch ever gifted to the Queen goes on display – find out why it was so special

The Queen handpicked the brooch for one of her most important milestones, her Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The last brooch gifted to the Queen goes on public display
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The last brooch worn by the late Queen Elizabeth II at a major event has gone on public display in London. The brooch was handpicked by the Queen to be worn during her historic Platinum Jubilee appearances, including the lighting of the beacon at Windsor Castle. The brooch includes many sentimental and significant touches, including nods to her favorite flowers and commemorations of her unrivalled reign.

When she passed away in early September, the Queen didn’t just leave behind a legacy never to be paralleled, but a collection of fascinating, historic and unique jewels.

Known for many incredible brooches, the late Queen’s love of the accessory inspired sweet tributes from her great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, at the funeral. Charlotte wore a diamond brooch in the shape of a horseshoe, a nod to both the Queen’s love of horses and brooches.

While she had many brooches in her collection – from a set of four diamond brooches representing the countries in the United Kingdom to the deceptively titled Granny’s Chips, a $60m luxury artefact – the last one known to be gifted to Her Majesty held plenty of significance.

The Platinum Jubilee brooch

(Image credit: Goldsmiths )

Designed by David Marshall, the brooch is made of 18-carat white gold and platinum and has 97 round-cut diamonds as well as seven fancy-cut diamonds.

According to The Crown Chronicles, the seven fancy-cut diamonds represent the seven decades of the Queen’s reign.

As per a statement released by Goldsmiths, the pin was personally handpicked by the Queen from a number of shortlisted brooches and was later presented to her by The Goldsmiths’ Company as a gift for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Queen wore the piece on a jade green Stuart Pravin crepe coat over a silk dress.

On the back of the brooch is a laser hallmark that includes a special commemorative Platinum Jubilee mark.

The Queen handpicked the Goldsmiths brooch for her Platinum Jubilee

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Zak Stone, managing director of luxury jewelry makers Steven Stone, said, “Commissioned by the Goldsmiths' Company for her Platinum Jubilee, the Queen's wreath-like brooch is incredibly poignant as it's likely to be the last jewel that was gifted to the Queen.”

"Set with princess cut and round brilliant diamonds, it's one of the late monarch's most symbolic brooches as it pays homage to the four nations of the UK, which are represented by four diamond swirls and their national flowers – the rose, the thistle, the daffodil and the shamrock.

“It also features the touching addition of her favourite plant – Lily of the Valley."

The Queen's Coronation Bouquet, for which she received a replica, included her favorite flower, Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley was used in both the Queen’s coronation bouquet back in 1953 and featured amongst her funeral flowers.

Zak estimates the piece to be worth around $45,000.

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