The two non-royals who could enjoy a Sandringham Christmas with the King and Queen this year

It has been suggested that two key non-royals will be joining the Royal Family for their festive feast on Christmas day at Sandringham

The two non-royals who could enjoy a Sandringham Christmas with the King and Queen this year
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It has been reported that King Charles and Queen Camilla's first Christmas in Sandringham as the monarch and Queen consort, will be surrounded by many members of the Royal Family - and a few select non-royal guests.

Sandringham House is set to be very busy this year as the new King and Queen welcome their family to the house to celebrate the festive season together. It has been rumored that for the first time, Camilla's children from her first marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles, will be in attendance at this celebration with their families. 

A source from Sandringham told The Sun that the royal couple is keen to have their nearest and dearest around, particularly as Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their two children will be in the US for the festivites. "Camilla is keen that her family is at the heart of Christmas, particularly as Charles won’t have his youngest son there," the source said. 

Camilla has a son and a daughter from her first marriage; Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes. Tom is 48 and was previously married to Sara Buys, with whom he has two children named Frederick and Lola. Laura, Tom's younger sister is 44 years old and married to Harry Lopes. The couple has three children Eliza, and twin boys, Gus, and Louis.

It is unclear if Camilla's children will be bringing their families with them, but it's guaranteed that the King and Queen will need an exceptionally large table to accommodate their blended family.

Laura and Tom Parker Bowles

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The source added that this festive celebration is particularly poignant and important for the Royal Family as it marks the first Christmas since Queen Elizabeth II's passing. "It is an extremely important Christmas coming just months after they last all gathered for the Queen’s funeral," they said.

“During last Christmas, the family was desperately trying to sort out Prince Andrew and his sex abuse case and then there was the incident with the intruder carrying a crossbow at Windsor Castle," added the source. "We saw the togetherness at the Princess of Wales’s carol concert this week and Christmas will be held in the same spirit."

It appears that despite the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in the US for the celebration, the Royal Family will be attempting to show a united front. 

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