The sweet reason Prince Harry may reach out to Prince William tomorrow

Some experts have speculated that Prince Harry may reach out to Prince William very soon - despite their reported frosty relationship

The sweet reason Prince Harry may reach out to Prince William tomorrow
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Prince Harry may reach out to Prince William tomorrow for a very special reason.

Despite the reports of a divide within the family and a frosty relationship between Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William, recent reports have suggested that the Duke will soon be reaching out to the Prince of Wales.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, Prince William will be turning 41. It is because of this birthday celebration that Prince Harry may be reaching out to his brother and wishing him well on his birthday.

Former Royal Butler, Grant Harrold, told Slingo, "Do you know what, with families when you fall out you still fix it. I think that hand on heart I still believe that Harry will still reach out to William for his birthday." Grant added that he was certain that Prince Harry would be sending his brother a card, but was uncertain if there would be a gift exchanged.

William and Harry

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Grant added, "It's an interesting one, isn't it? I'd like to think for example, when it's Kate’s birthday that Harry and Meghan send flowers and vice versa, I'd like to think that kind of thing happens, but who knows?"

"Look at how they said there was a secret meeting during the coronation when Harry was over… Harry and William supposedly saw each other so you never know, for all we know they could be talking and they could be sorting things out. So I'd like to think that they remember each other’s birthdays," he concluded.


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The former butler then reflected on what Prince William's birthday might look like this year. "Birthdays are very low key, birthdays are celebrated privately. It's very rare that we get any information about birthdays [as staff], you can imagine [they’re celebrated] behind closed doors - I’m sure they will still be exchanging their gifts and their cards as we all do," he said.

Grant then speculated, "I wouldn’t be surprised if the younger royals rather go out for a meal or one of them cooks for each other or something like that. It’s obviously slightly different when you've got a household looking after you but the younger royals don't quite have that."

In the past, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been spotted at a local pub for a cozy lunch date after work. Perhaps the couple will choose to go for a similar chilled-out celebration tomorrow as they find time to celebrate William's big day between royal engagements. 

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