The reason Princess Beatrice can't wear some of the Queen’s jewels but her younger sister Princess Eugenie can

Princess Beatrice sadly won't be able to wear some of the late Queen Elizabeth's jewels unlike Princess Eugenie for a very simple reason...

Princess Beatrice can't wear some of the Queen's jewels but Princess Eugenie can; seen here attending the traditional Easter Sunday church service
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There’s a very simple reason why Princess Beatrice can’t wear some of the Queen’s jewels but her younger sister Princess Eugenie can. 

From the late Queen Elizabeth’s brooches to the priceless jewelry worn in the Queen’s final portrait, the late monarch certainly had some magnificent pieces. She loaned several of them over the years to her family and Kate Middleton in particular has often been seen wearing some of the Queen’s jewelry, including the Bahrain Pearl Diamond Drop earrings for the Jubilee. Several of the Queen’s grandchildren also wore her tiaras for their weddings, including Princess Eugenie. 

But sadly, Princess Beatrice can’t wear some of the Queen’s jewels like her younger sister for a very simple reason. Unlike Princess Eugenie, she’s understood to have never had her ears pierced and according to Hello! she apparently favors clip-ons if she wants to add some extra glitz and glamor to her outfits. 

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie at different events

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In contrast, Princess Eugenie does appear to have had her lopes pierced and has regularly been pictured wearing stunning earrings over the years. Perhaps her most high-profile pair was a gift from her husband Jack Brooksbank who is said to have given her emerald and diamond earrings to wear at their wedding. 

These perfectly complemented the Greville Kokoshnik tiara which was one of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras that she wore for the big day. Although it’s not often that fans get to see the Queen’s granddaughters wearing her pieces there is only so much jewelry that Queen Consort Camilla and Princess Kate can wear. It’s also not clear whether the late monarch could have bequeathed privately-owned jewelry to her family.

Princess Eugenie of York arrives to marry Jack Brooksbank

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So it’s of course possible that Princess Eugenie might get the chance to wear a pair of the Queen’s earrings for a major occasion one day. Even if this doesn’t happen the possibility at least exists for her, whilst Princess Beatrice would be unable to enjoy any pairs of royal earrings unless structural changes are made to them which could of course happen. 

But she’s not the only member of the immediate Royal Family who hasn’t embraced the idea of ear piercing and is believed to wear clip-ons. The Queen Consort made it clear to British Vogue last year that she still has absolutely no intention of getting her ears pierced, despite the pleas of her grandchildren, with whom Queen Camilla enjoyed a secret night out pre-Christmas. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visits CS Lewis Square on day 2 of their visit to Northern Ireland

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She declared, “No, I’m not going to give it to myself for a 75th birthday present. [The grandchildren] will try to persuade me, but nothing’s going to pierce my ears.”

So it seems like Queen Camilla isn’t going to be changing her mind about piercing her ears any time soon, leaving her and Princess Beatrice with this in common. And although this sadly seems to suggest that Princess Beatrice can't wear some of the Queen's jewels, there's always necklaces and bracelets that could add extra sparkle to her looks.

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