The Queen’s visit to Wales missed by unlucky fans due to this practical reason

The Queen made her first trip to Wales in five years

The Queen’s visit to Wales missed by unlucky fans due to this practical reason
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The Queen has made an exciting trip to Wales, but not all fans were fortunate enough to see her. 

The Queen arrived at the Welsh parliament in Cardiff this morning, marking her first visit to Cambria in five years. She was joined by Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla for the engagement, which saw her open the Senedd for its sixth term with a powerful speech. 

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to catch a glimpse of the 95-year-old monarch during the short trip. Her Majesty entered the building shortly after 11.40am via its side Pierhead Street entrance, where she was able to access the elevator more easily. As a result, many of the crowds, who were waiting outside the Senedd’s main entrance, missed the opportunity to see the Head of State in the flesh. 

Queen in Wales 2021

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Camilla and Charles at Senedd 2021

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The decision to opt for the lift rather than the staircase is likely related to the Queen’s use of a walking stick. Her Majesty was spotted with the aid again this morning after stepping out with it for the first time since 2003 at a Westminster Abbey service yesterday. It’s been reported that she doesn’t rely on the stick, but instead carries it for comfort and convenience. 

Dressed in a pastel pink suit and floral hat, the Queen delivered a poignant address to the Welsh parliament. After commending the First Minister and the Members of the Senedd on their recent election, she praised the country's people for their impressive perseverance in the face of the pandemic. 

Queen at Welsh Parliament 2021

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“We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who have risen so magnificently to the challenges of the last 18 months—from key workers to volunteers, who have done so much to serve their communities,” she said. “They are shining examples of the spirit for which the Welsh people are so renowned, a spirit which I have personally encountered so many times.” 

The Queen left shortly before 12.30pm, while Camilla and Charles remained to speak to the crowds. 

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