The Queen's horrified reaction to Prince George making Christmas puddings is going viral again

The Queen was in shock watching great-grandson Prince George making Christmas puddings and it was captured in HILARIOUS footage

The Queen's horrified reaction to Prince George making Christmas puddings is going viral again
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The Queen's unimpressed reaction to Prince George making Christmas pudding has gone viral on TikTok in a resurfaced clip—and royal fans can't get enough. 

It's not every day that Prince George joins Prince William, Prince Charles, and the Queen for a royal engagement—but when he does, you can bet things won't be boring. 

The four generations of the Royal Family came together at Buckingham Palace in December 2019 in support of the 'Together at Christmas' campaign, an initiative launched by the Royal British Legion to combat social isolation in the Armed Forces. 

The sweet event saw the quartet take on a festive pudding cooking presentation—and surprise, surprise—it was the youngest member who took the cake for the most unforgettable performance of the day. 



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In a hilarious resurfaced video, Prince George can be seen mixing a bowl of mincemeat with a wooden spoon, as his proud dad helps add more ingredients to the batch. 

The royal tot doesn't waste time embracing the culinary experience, growing increasingly aggressive as he beats the fruity formula with enthusiastic vigor. At one point, the then-six-year-old even appears to apply so much force that he almost splatters his great-grandmother. 

While Prince William and Prince Charles seemed to see the funny side of the cooking demo, the Queen's reaction was less than impressed. 

It didn't take long for Her Majesty to become visibly uncomfortable with George's shameless gusto—so much so that she had to physically distance herself from the table.  

The side-splitting clip has left royal fans everywhere in tears, with many sharing their speculation on the Queen's inaudible comment to Prince Charles. 

"She really said 'That's enough of that'," one TikTok user wrote. 

"She like ‘Good gracious he’s after the throne!’" another amused viewer joked. 

Unfortunately, it looks unlikely Prince George won't be able to recreate the iconic scene this Christmas. With Covid-19 restrictions set to tighten again and Her Majesty resting at Windsor Castle due to health concerns, we could be waiting another year to see his kitchen talents back in action. 

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