The Queen spends quality time on a picnic with her great-grandchildren

While in Scotland with her family, the Queen has spent quality time with the youngest members of the royal family

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The Queen has spent some quality time with the youngest members of her family while on a summer retreat to the royal family's Scottish residence

Only a few weeks ago it was reported that the Queen had made her first solo trip to Balmoral since Prince Philip’s death.

The Queen has been joined by various members of the royal family including Prince Andrew, who was spotted at Balmoral with the Queen with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and daughter Princess Eugenie.

It has now been reported by the Daily Mail that the Queen has been spotted in the grounds of Balmoral having a picnic with some of her great-grandchildren.

According to Richard Eden, a royal commentator for the Daily Mail, the Queen aged 95, travelled eight miles from Balmoral for a picnic on Monday at Glen Muick.

This particular spot is a known favourite of the Queen's and a memorable image of the Queen and her late husband Prince Philip was taken at this idyllic, sentimental location.

It is believed that the Queen was accompanied by the children of either her eldest grandchild Peter Philips, or his sister Zara Tindall.

Peter and Zara are the children of Princess Anne and some of the Queen's eldest grandchildren. 

Peter has two daughters, who are named Isla, aged 9, and Savannah, aged 10. Zara has three children, two daughters, Mia, aged 7, and Lena, aged 3, and a son called Lucas.

Zara's newborn son was born earlier this year during the Spring and Mike Tindall revealed that she gave birth in the bathroom of their Gatcombe Park home.

The cousins are all blonde and look relatively similar to one another despite their varying ages, which could explain the difficulty in identifying the youngsters.

Mia Tindall

Savannah Phillips, Mia Tindall and Isla Phillips hold the lead of their grandmother's (Princess Anne, Princess Royal) bull terrier in 2018.

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The Queen currently has eleven great-grandchildren and once her granddaughter Princess Eugenie, who is pregnant with her first child, gives birth in the Fall, the Queen will be a great-grandmother to twelve children. 

This means that the royal line of succession will be altered once again to include the younger members of the royal family.

The Queen has previously shared an image of her surrounded by her great-grandchildren at Balmoral Castle

The caption of the post read, "The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh surrounded by seven of their great-grandchildren at Balmoral Castle in 2018."

Although the Duke of Edinburgh is no longer around to share these moments with his great-grandchildren, it is clear that the Queen wishes to share their special places with the young members of her family and make the most of their summers together.

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