The delicious way the Royal Family are celebrating pancake day

And it’s less traditional than you might think…

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip
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Just like us, the Royal Family will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday with some delicious pancakes.

• The Royal Family have revealed how they are spending Shrove Tuesday

• Their social media account reveals some unusual recipes

• This follows Royal News that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting baby number two

The Royal family Instagram page has announced the fun way that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be enjoying their pancakes today on pancake day.

On social media, three different recipes have been released that are fit for royal consumption and give an insight as to how the royal family might be celebrating. 

The post on Instagram said, “The Royal Chefs have suggested three ways to serve pancakes this #PancakeDay. Follow the link in our bio for full recipes, and take a look at our stories for a pancake recipe with an extra special twist”

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The recipes include jam and cream pancakes, classic lemon and sugar pancakes, and a rather untraditional savory option of ham, leek, and cheese pancakes. This raised some eyebrows among fans, but many were impressed with the variety.

Many fans particularly liked the idea of having a dish that is fit for a Queen on pancake day. One fan wrote, “Thanks for sharing this will definitely make royal pancakes next time.” Another commented, “if lemon and sugar is good enough for Queenie, it's good enough for me!” 

This isn’t the first time that the royal family has decided to share special recipes from their own kitchens. At Christmas, the royal's Instagram page shared a step-by-step process that showed viewers how to make a traditional Christmas pudding. The family also shared images of them baking a Christmas pudding together in 2019.

The Royal Family also wished their followers a happy pancake day. They wrote on the Instagram post of their recipes, “Enjoy and we hope you have a peaceful #ShroveTuesday.”

So if you fancy dining like a King or Queen tonight, then you're in luck. The recipes are all free on their website and there is an easy link to follow on the royal Instagram page.

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