The curious way Duchess Camilla's engagement ring is connected to her own mother

Duchess Camilla's engagement ring is considered one of the most romantic pieces of royal jewelry

Camilla's engagement ring
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Duchess Camilla's engagement ring is considered one of the most romantic pieces of jewelry in the royal collection for a very special reason.

When the Prince of Wales proposed to Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles presented his soon-to-be wife with a stunning art deco diamond ring from the Royal Family's jewelry collection.

The ring is part of the Greville collection, according to the Express, this was an unusual collection that reportedly arrived at Buckingham Palace in a simple black tin during the middle of World War II.

The owner of the collection, Margaret Greville died in 1942 and bequeathed her jewelery 'with my loving thoughts' to the Queen Mother. The pair had a close relationship and it was reported that Margaret adored Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and thought of her as the daughter she'd never had. 

Camilla's engagement ring

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In a strange twist, Margaret Greville also has a connection with the Shand family, and in particular, Duchess Camilla's mother Rosalind Shand who died in 1994. Rosalind's Godmother was Dame Margaret Greville and she even inherited some of her fortune when she passed. 

This means that this ring has a particular significance to Camilla whose own mother could have easily inherited this ring if a different decision had been made by Dame Margaret. 

This was clearly a significant connection that was not missed by Prince Charles when he decided to propose to his wife with a ring that has such a sweet sentimental value and historical significance for the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Duchess has also been seen wearing the Greville diamond tiara and other items in the collection. This perfectly matches the significance of her engagement rings and visually demonstrates the Duchess' close ties with the Royal Family.

Camilla's engagement ring

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In comparison, Princess Diana's ring that she received from Prince Charles was purchased from Asprey, meaning it lacked the same historical significance.

Princess Diana's jewelry was inherited by her sons after she passed 25 years ago. This includes the engagement ring that she received from Prince Charles, a stunning oval-shaped sapphire and diamond ring that became an iconic piece of royal jewelry and is currently worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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