Kate Middleton to welcome strict policy at Prince George and Princess Charlotte's new school after her own 'miserable' experience

The Duchess of Cambridge left her first boarding school, Downe House, after reportedly being bullied for two terms

Kate Middleton to welcome strict rule at George and Charlotte's new school
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Kate Middleton is likely to appreciate a strict policy at the Cambridge children's new school in Windsorone which will hopefully protect George, Charlotte, and Louis from the 'miserable' ordeal she endured as a student herself. 

  • Kate Middleton is likely to be reassured by a strict policy at Lambrook, the posh new school her three children will be attending this September. 
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have officially moved to Adelaide Cottage Windsor, where they will be raising Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis away from the media spotlight. 
  • In other royal news,  

Kate Middleton will likely appreciate a strict rule enforced at her children's new school ‒ absolutely no bullying. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will begin their first term at Lambrook School from September 8, following the family's big move from London's Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor this summer. 

The junior royals' enrollment in the prestigious institution has been met by plenty of media attention and fanfare, as it marks the first time that all three Cambridge children will be receiving lessons in the same place. Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 7, were previously pupils at the co-ed Thomas's Battersea, while Prince Louis was in his final year at the Willcock's Nursery in Kensington. 

Some resistance to the Cambridge kids at Lambrook has also been reported, with a handful of parents at the Berkshire preparatory school said to be concerned over the heightened level of security their attendance could bring. 

"A lot of parents are p***ed off," one told the Sunday Mirror. "They're worried the feel and atmosphere of the school will change with all the security." 

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Nevertheless, it looks like Lambrook won't be tolerating any mistreatment of the royal children on campus. The £21,000-a-year school enforces a strict anti-bullying policy and imposes consequences, such as detention and even possible exclusion, for students who breach their rules. 

This will likely be especially appreciated by Kate Middleton, who suffered a 'miserable' ordeal whilst studying at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school, in Cold Ash, Berkshire.  

"Being especially slender and a head taller than her peers, she stood out for the wrong reasons and was teased for being gangly and lanky," Katie Nicholl, a royal correspondent and biographer, revealed. 

"It is a very cliquey school and there was a lot of pressure. The girls were all high achievers, and there were lots of girls with eating disorders.


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"Everyone wanted to be the best, the fittest, the prettiest. I think Kate was miserable from the start." 

The duchess ended up leaving Downe House after just two terms and moving to Marlborough College, about 48km from her family home of Bucklebury Manor. Despite being homesick at first, she quickly found her footing and became passionately involved in the school's lively sporting culture. She went on to graduate from the co-ed boarding school in 2000 and enroll at the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland, where she would meet her future husband, Prince William. 

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