The blusher secret Kate Middleton relies on to 'enhance her complexion' and create a 'cohesive look'

We love Kate Middleton's blusher hack that helps her create a cohesive look for every engagement - and it's easy to copy!

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton's blusher hack is so easy to copy - and it's not too expensive either!

The Princess of Wales is known for her impeccable makeup looks and always looks perfectly polished at engagements. Whether it's attending the coronation in a gown and tiara or dressing down for a casual engagement, the Princess uses one blusher hack that ensures that her makeup always matches her ensemble.

Alongside using the best blushers, the Princess also makes sure that the tone of her blusher matches her outfit. Now this doesn't mean that she wears navy blusher when she's wearing a navy suit, but she does wear cool-toned blusher to match her cool-toned look. Similarly, if she's wearing peach or pink she will make sure her blusher is matching accordingly which subtly draws the whole outfit together.

Kate Middleton

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 Sarah Amelia Fogg, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Brows by Sarah explained how Kate Middleton's blusher hack is used to create a 'balanced and coordinated' appearance. 

"Kate Middleton skillfully matches her blush to her outfits, creating a harmonious and polished look. Her choice of blush shade typically complements the colour scheme of her attire, achieving a balanced and coordinated appearance. Whether she’s wearing warm or cool-toned clothing, she adjusts the intensity of her blush to suit the outfit’s vibrancy," Sarah explained.

Putting this into practice the makeup artist explained which blusher shades she thinks would compliment certain outfit shades. "If you’re wearing a warm-toned outfit such as a red, orange or warm browns I would recommend opting for a peachy or coral blush. Alternatively, a cool-toned look like a blue or green is more suited to rosy or pink blush," she said.

"The attention to detail also extends to the consideration of Kate’s natural skin tone, ensuring the blush enhances her complexion seamlessly, which is key to creating a cohesive look," she added.

Kate Middleton's blusher

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When recommending which products would be most successful, the makeup artist explained that liquid blushers are great for copying Kate Middleton's blusher hack.

"Liquid products have become particularly popular at the moment as they offer ease and versatility due to their multiuse. As well as matching their blush to their outfit, many people like to match it to their lipstick too which creates an effortless flow across the face as multiple elements match in colour creating an even, seamless look," she concluded.

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