The big difference between King Charles and his late mother Queen Elizabeth when it comes to coronation planning

King Charles's coronation is just around the corner

difference between King Charles and his late mother Queen Elizabeth coronation
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With King Charles's long-awaited coronation just around the corner, royal experts have pointed out one big difference between the planning of the new monarch's crowning and his late mother's. 

King Charles isn't relying on a trusted relative for the organisation of his coronation, like Queen Elizabeth II did back in 1953 when Prince Philip, who was the chair of the Coronation Committee, made several key decisions about her sacred event.

In contrast, King Charles is said to be "heavily involved" in the planning process and is making key decisions himself, according to Dr George Gross, visiting research fellow in Theology at King’s College London.

He told, "I think here the King will be heavily involved in the planning, and we've seen that with things like the choice of the anointing oil and the music. So, I think there is his hand in all of these things, very prominently."

difference between King Charles and his late mother Queen Elizabeth coronation

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Dr Gross added, "And of course, he's been the Prince of Wales for so many years. He knows how to play the roles he's played, he's not new to being a dignitary of state, he's used to that."

This difference in the two Coronations is likely largely due to the fact that while King Charles is full of royal life experience at the age of 74, Queen Elizabeth was just 25 when she ascended the throne and had much less experience.

Dr Gross also revealed how the King "was involved in planning William and Catherine's wedding as well," so he's no stranger when it comes to planning public royal events.

"So he's used to planning and I think he's commented that he quite enjoyed preparing the music and selecting and being asked," Dr Goss continued. "So I think it's a, something that he will be interested in and b, something that we can see he's planning.

difference between King Charles and his late mother Queen Elizabeth coronation

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"So I don't think there is a need for somebody else [to do the planning for him]. Obviously, there will be a committee, you've got people like the Earl Marshall and representatives of government taking decisions, that's typical. But I definitely think the King is heavily involved in this."

The King's Coronation Ceremony will be broadcast around the world on May 6, a weekend which will see the UK enjoy a bank holiday to celebrate.

Buckingham Palace released details on the Coronation back in January, with a statement reading, "Buckingham Palace is pleased to announce further details on the ceremonial, celebratory and community events that will take place over the Coronation Weekend between Saturday 6th and Monday 8th May 2023."

The Palace added, "Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort hope the Coronation Weekend will provide an opportunity to spend time and celebrate with friends, families and communities across the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth. Their Majesties are looking forward to marking the occasion with the public throughout 2023."

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