The adorable reason Prince George wore a suit to Wimbledon

Prince George wore a suit to Wimbledon which divided fans, but reportedly there is a very sweet reason behind this formal attire

Prince George wore a suit
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Prince George wore a suit when he went to Wimbledon with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Reportedly, there is a very sweet meaning behind the Prince's choice of attire. 

Prince George wore a suit to Wimbledon which divided fans who were confused as to why the youngster would be forced to wear this type of thick clothing during the hot London weather. 

"There's no way a child should be dressed in a suit and tie on one of the hottest days this year. Poor Prince George must have been sweating buckets. I'm just imagining the heavy criticism if Harry and Meghan had dressed Archie like this on a sweltering day," said one royal fan on social media.

"Shocked at seeing little Prince George sitting in a suit and tie in the sun at Wimbledon in that heat yesterday! What are they thinking? Put the child in a T-shirt for goodness sake!" said another.

Others defended the decision from royals, "The dress code in the Royal box at Wimbledon is formal wear, male celebs ALSO wore suits. If Prince George rocked up in jeans & a t-shirt, people would be still be moaning! Unlike politicians, the Cambridges are following protocol - not abusing their status to get their own way."

Reportedly, there is a sweet reason Prince George likes to wear a suit for these occasions and it's all to do with his 'hero'.

Prince George

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According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, Prince George enjoys wearing suits to formal events because he gets to match his father who is his 'absolute hero'.

In 2021, the expert spoke to OK! about the youngster's formal wear at the Euro 2020 match between England and Germany as Prince George’s Euros outfit baffled royal fans.

"Prince William is George's absolute hero. He thinks his dad’s the most perfect person on the planet. George idolises his dad," said Duncan. "That’s why we saw him looking so smart in his suit - he really wanted to dress like William."

He added that Prince George was desperate to go to the game and begged his parents to let him attend. "William would never have normally taken him to the football because it was an official outing in his role as president of the FA, but George absolutely begged to be allowed to come along," said the expert.

"Kate and William are at pains to never expose the children unnecessarily to the cameras but he twisted their arm eventually,” he said. This could explain why the young royal has been allowed to attend Wimbledon and could be appearing more frequently at other sporting events.

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