Prince George’s Euros outfit has royal fans baffled

Prince George wore a very smart outfit to the England match

Prince George Wembley
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Prince George's football match outfit has confused royal fans as the 7-year-old and his father wore matching suits and ties at a Euro 2021 football match.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their eldest son, Prince George, to watch the England v Germany football match at Wembley Stadium. 

The royal couple sat in the royal box with their son sitting between them as they enjoyed the match. Although many football fans were completely enthralled by the game, some spectators noticed the adorable yet bizarre outfit worn by Prince George. 

Rather than being dresses in a comfy sweater and jeans, Prince George made his first public appearance in a navy suit, white shirt, and striped tie. Adorably, Prince William wore almost the exact same outfit as his son making Prince George look like his little doppelganger. 

Fans loved the image of the trio on Twitter with some commenting on Prince George's outfit. 

One wrote, "Congratulations England. It was great seeing Prince George with William and Catherine tonight. He looked so adorable in his suit "

While another commented, “Little Prince George matching his Pa in his suit and tie!! My heart has melted!!!”

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However, some fans were shocked that Prince George had to wear a suit to this football match. One said, "Who dresses a child like that for a football match?"

Another commented on a picture of Prince George looking glum, writing, "When you go to a big match, but have to wear a suit instead of your England shirt. Prince George bless him."

However, there was a very good reason as to why the young Prince wore formal attire to the event.

One football fan explained on social media, “Prince George is dressed formally for two reasons: His Father is the President of the Football Association and they are there in an official capacity. They are sitting in a VIP box that has a dress code.”

Prince George

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Others took to social media to claim that Prince George was the 'England team's lucky charm' as his presence coincided with England's triumphant win against Germany. One said, "Prince George is obviously our lucky charm."

Another even suggested that the young Prince should be the new England mascot captioning an image of the royals,  “Lucky Royal mascot HRH Prince George, with a very happy mum and dad.”

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It's unclear whether Prince George will be attending any more matches as England progress to the next round of the Euros 2021.

However, fans are hoping that Prince George continues to attend matches now he's been hailed as England's 'lucky charm.'

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