Sophie Wessex's lockdown friend left in tears after long-awaited meeting

The Countess met Edna Farley for the first time in person on Thursday

Sophie Wessex's friend in tears after long-awaited meeting
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Sophie Wessex's lockdown friend, Edna Farley, was left crying tears of joy during her first in-person meeting with the Countess. 

Get the tissues out—your tear ducts are about to be rinsed. 

Sophie Wessex left Edna Farley weeping in joy on Thursday, after visiting the 90-year-old in person in Liverpool. 

The heartwarming engagement saw the chums meet face-to-face for the first time ever, having sparked a close friendship over the telephone two years ago. 

The Countess was introduced to Edna in April 2020, while volunteering for the Royal Voluntary Service Check In and Chat, and has kept up a regular correspondence with her throughout Britain's subsequent lockdowns. 

She finally got the chance to meet her properly this week, after inviting her to afternoon tea at Newsham House in Liverpool. The long-overdue catchup just so happened to coincide with Edna's 90th birthday, making it all the more special for both the pensioner and Sophie. 

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"How many times have we said, it's going to happen?" the Countess asked Edna as they sat down on the sofa together for a good ol' natter. 

"And then all of a sudden, when I realized, we were going to come up here, and I went, hang on a minute, can we make it happen, and then I found out it was your birthday as well, and I thought, well, this is meant to be." 

Wiping tears from her eyes, Edna nodded in agreement and replied, "Yes, it is, who else would get anything like this for their 90th birthday?" 

At the end of their time together, Sophie gave her older friend another hug before reminding her that they would be 'chatting next week'. 

The one-day-long trip also saw the Countess meet volunteers helping people in Ukraine and attend the opening of the Ken Dodd Happiness Hall in Knotty Ash, alongside Prince Edward, who just so happens to share this birthday with Ms. Farley. 

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