Queen’s health concerns mount as she prepares for heartache this weekend

As the Queen continues to keep a low profile as she recovers, Her Majesty will have to prepare for some heartbreak this weekend as a significant event unfolds

Queen's 74th wedding anniversary
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What would have been Prince Philip and the Queen's 74th wedding anniversary is fast approaching this week, as the Queen prepares for her first anniversary as a widow.

In April 2021, the Queen lost her husband of over 70 years. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 of old age at Windsor Castle.

Since this time, the Queen has had to endure a lot of milestones without him, such as her 95th birthday just weeks after he died, and what would have been her husband's 100th birthday a few months later in June. However, another milestone on Saturday will be a particularly challenging one for Her Majesty. 

The Queen and Prince Philip were married for nearly three-quarters of a century and their 74th wedding anniversary would have been on Saturday, November 20, 2021.


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Her Majesty is currently in Windsor Castle and only a few days ago she was snapped performing her royal duties as The Queen made her first face-to-face appearance in over a month alongside her beloved corgis.

However, it is expected that she may return to Sandringham House in order to feel closer to Prince Philip as she marks her first anniversary without her husband.

Sandringham House is a property where the Duke of Edinburgh spent a lot of time during his lifetime. 

The Prince and the Queen also often spent Christmas at this property with their extended family and many fans enjoyed watching the royals show up for Christmas Day mass at The Church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate.


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For her 73rd wedding anniversary—the last anniversary the royal couple was able to spend together—Buckingham Palace released an image of the couple on their honeymoon in 1947. 

As it was during the pandemic the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen were in isolation and likely spent the day together with a small, intimate, celebration at Windsor Castle.

The couple spent much of their time at Windsor Castle during the pandemic, so this property could also be where the Queen plans to spend her anniversary and reminisce about their last anniversary together.

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Her Majesty has recently stepped back from some of her royal duties as she is suffering from a sprained back. The Queen missed the COP26 summit and Remembrance Sunday in order to focus on getting herself better, and many fans are still concerned about her health. 

Fans have urged Prince Harry to return to the UK amid the Queen's health concerns but the couple has remained firmly in the US. 

As well as being absent for the Queen's first wedding anniversary as a widow, it was also recently announced that the couple will miss another milestone as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to stay in US as Queen celebrates her first Christmas without Prince Philip in 74 years.

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