Wood Farm Cottage—the Queen to stay in Prince Philip’s ‘special place’ at Sandringham House

The Queen flew to Wood Farm Cottage at Sandringham House by helicopter

Queen flies to Prince Philip’s ‘special place’ at Sandringham
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The Queen has flown to Wood Farm Cottage on the Sandringham Estate, where she will spend the next few weeks. 

The Queen flew by helicopter to Wood Farm Cottage at Sandringham House at the weekend, where she is expected to stay for the next few weeks. 

Her Majesty had originally planned to travel to the Norfolk estate for the Christmas period but was forced to cancel at the last minute due to rising Covid concerns. She instead remained at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, where she enjoyed low-key celebrations with a small number of close family members. 

It's understood she will now reside at Sandringham until at least February 6, the anniversary of the death of her father, King George VI, as part of a long-keeping royal tradition. The historic date will also see the Queen pass her Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70-year-long reign on the throne. 

The Queen will reportedly stay at Prince Philip's retirement cottage on the grounds of the sprawling estate, rather than in its iconic red-brick main house, according to the Daily Mail. 

Aerial view of Queen Elizabeth II's Country residence, Sandringham Hall on October 3, 2006 in Sandringham, England. This Jacobean Country house is surrounded by 20,000 acres of Norfolk parkland.

Sandringham Estate 

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Known as Wood Farm Cottage, the humble hideaway has long held a 'special place' in the heart of the late Duke of Edinburgh, who died aged 99 in April. 

The former military officer spent most of his time at the five-bedroom house after he retired from royal duties in 2017, painting watercolors and relaxing away from the glare of the public eye. It's understood that the cozy cottage has a far more informal vibe than the main house, which is situated two miles up the road, with servants forgoing their uniforms and the Queen even doing the dishes herself on occasion.

Wood Farm entrance

The entrance to Wood Farm at Sandringham Estate 

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The Royal Family first began staying at Wood Farm in 1967, after Prince Philip realized it was more cost-effective to stay at the cottage instead of the main house for short trips. Since then, it has been used as the family's go-to retreat when they're looking for a quick escape from their busy lives. Prince Charles hosted numerous shooting parties at the property during his college years, while Kate Middleton reportedly also stayed there on multiple occasions while she was engaged to Prince William. 

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