Princess Mary of Denmark's relaxed denim shirt is the perfect off-duty look for rainy days

Princess Mary of Denmark's denim shirt was the perfect off-duty look as the Crown Princess cuddled up on the sofa with her pet pooch

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark's denim shirt
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Princess Mary of Denmark's denim shirt was a perfect relaxed look as Her Roal Highness watched Denmark and Australia faced off in the World Cup.

On Monday, August 7, 2023, the Crown Princess Mary shared a sweet photograph of herself and her pet pooch enjoying some footie on the television. In support of Denmark and in recognition of her Australian roots, the Princess flipped her photo upside down to show her support for 'Down Under.'

"We cheer from 'Top Over' and all the way 'Down Under,' when the match against Australia starts at the World Cup. Come on Denmark," the caption, signed by "The Crown Prince Couple" said.

For this off-duty look, the Princess looked lovely as she opted for a denim shirt from Ralph Lauren. The slightly oversized shirt look perfectly complemented the Princess' relaxed style and matched the teal trousers that she paired with the look.

The buttoned-up look is incredibly on trend right now and as highlighted by the Princess, is perfect for a chilled-out day. With certain styling, the shirt can also be dressed up and is worn for work or casual smart engagements. 

Crown Princess Mary

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Princess Mary may be the future queen consort of Denmark, once upon a time, long before she met Crown Prince Frederik in a pub in Sydney, she was born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson in Australia. This explains why she may have felt slightly conflicted when Australia and Denmark came head to head in the World Cup. 

However, the Danish flags on her cheeks and even on her dog's forehead, confirmed that her allegiances for this match lay firmly with Denmark.

Despite her support, it was bad news for Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik, as  Australia's team 2-0 against Denmark. This sadly knocked them clean out of the competition.

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