Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank reveal it was ‘love at first sight’ in exclusive interview

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  • They’ll be exchanging vows in just a matter of minutes and in an exclusive interview before their nuptials, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank told Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that it was love at first sight.

    In the interview, on ITV, Jack revealed the moment they met was while they were skiing in Switzerland, saying, “We just stared at each other.”

    Eugenie replied saying, “Yes, and I thought, ‘what a silly hat!’ and I thought, ‘whose that?’ and then you came over and shook my hand and I was all butterflies and nervous.”

    “I think I rang my mum that night and said ‘I’ve met this guy Jack’… and that was how it started. I remember being like ‘I really, really like this guy, I really want him to like me too’ and then you gave me this huge windscreen wiper wave and that was it, right, he likes me.”

    But when Eamonn joked that it was too late to back out of the wedding due to nerves, Eugenie sweetly replied, “Never. It was love at first sight that’s


    When Eamon asked them to describe each other in just three words Jack said, “She’s this bright shining light,” while Eugenie expanded by saying, “Jack’s the kind of guy, you know when you’re lost at a party and you can’t find anyone to talk to, and you start panicking and you need help?

    “He’ll walk in and make everyone feel so special. He’ll scoop you up and talk to you and make you feel a million dollars and that’s you, and you’re so humble and generous.

    “And that person you immediately know [that] you’ve got a friend…

    They both also commented on their siblings, who will be maid of honour and best man. Eugenie said, “My sister has always – she’s my big sissy – I’ve looked up to her my whole life.

    “I’ve wanted to be her at times, we’ve fought over Converse trainers and who gets what… and you know, we’re best friends and I can’t think of anyone I’d want by my side more than her.

    “She’s the biggest supporter of ‘Team Eugenie and Jack’ and so it’s a great honour for me that she said ‘yes’ and she’s doing that duty. And then Tom…”

    While Jack said about his best man, “There was no other decision. [He’s] a solid rock, he’s amazing.”

    The couple will marry today, with the ceremony starting at 11am live on ITV.

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