Princess Eugenie sparks controversy with photos celebrating her son August's birthday

Princess Eugenie has sparked controversy with royal fans as she shares photos of her son August in celebration of his first birthday

Princess Eugenie sparks controversy
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Princess Eugenie sparks controversy with royal fans as she posts an updated photo of her son August who has just turned one. 

Princess Eugenie gave birth to her only son August on February 9, 2021. In just a blink of an eye, a year has passed and the young royal has just celebrated his first birthday.

In celebration of his first birthday, Princess Eugenie shared images of her son on social media, a move that has already criticism from some royal fans.

The post of the caption read, "Happy 1st Birthday to our little hero Augie. You are such a special soul that brightens every room with your smile and wave. You have made us so very proud. We love you! 💙💙💙"

The first image in the post showed the Princess with her husband and son on skiing holiday—a pastime adored by the royals—and the second image showed the back of August's head as he turned away from the camera at what appeared to be a playgroup.

Although many fans found the child's nickname 'Augie' adorable, and many loved an inside look into a royal ski holiday, some royal fans had a few complaints about these pictures.

"Would have been nice to see his face," said one commenter.

"Why can't we see his smile?" questioned another fan on Instagram.

As one of the Queen's great-grandchildren and 13th in the royal line of succession, it seems that many fans felt that the youngster's position in the royal family would encourage his parents to share images of him. Some commenters went as far as comparing Princess Eugenie to Meghan Markle and other royals who chose to keep their children out of the spotlight for as long as possible.

"I’m not interested in the back of babies' heads.. too much like Meghan Markle for me, " said one commenter.

"What is it with some Royals—nice hair but what does he look like!😂😂" said another royal fan. 

In the past year, Princess Eugenie has only shared rare snaps of baby August, but has always refrained from showing too much of his face. Despite the tot's obscured features, some still claim that baby August looks JUST like the Queen in this one photo and his similarities to his great grandmother are already shining through.

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