Princess Beatrice reveals how her mother Sarah helped her through bullying

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  • Just a month after performing maid of honour duties at her sister Eugenie's royal wedding in October, Princess Beatrice is back to work - discussing important issues close to her heart.

    And recently, she put in an apperance at a Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, where she opened up about the years of bulling she faced when she was younger.

    Beatrice and her sister Eugenie have famously been met with criticism – and during an interview with Reuters at the summit, the older York sister confessed that comments about her weight, job and fashion choices took their toll at the time.

    Touchingly, Beatrice also paid tribute to her mother, Sarah Ferguson – who herself has been subject to much negative attention over the years.

    The 30-year-old revealed how Sarah often supported her through the tougher times, being well-equipped to deal with bullying having faced it herself.

    Beatrice confessed, “She has been through a lot,”

    “When you see role models who are continually put in very challenging situations and can support you, then some of the tools that I have had from her, I would like to share.”

    During the interview, Princess Beatrice also reflected on how grateful she is to have moved past that stage of her life, and how she aims to use her experiences positively now.

    She confessed, “You’d like to say don’t pay attention to it – but the best advice is to talk about it.

    “Being a young girl, but now being 30 and a woman working full-time in technology, I feel very grateful for those experiences. But at that time it was very challenging.”

    The Princess – who has passionately supported anti-bullying campaigns for years now – also shared some sage advice to young people dealing with bullying.

    She encouraged them, saying, “There are lots of people who are ready to help and I want to make sure young people feel they have the places to go to talk about it,”

    ”Social media and the pressures that these young people now face is a new phenomenon – and if I can do more to give young people the tools, that is my mission. I would say to young girls you are not alone. Keep going.”

    In the past, Beatrice has even taken to her clothing choices to make a statement about bullying. A few years back she supported the, ‘Be Cool Be Nice’, anti-bullying movement, by having the saying put onto a new handbag – which she brought out with her many times.

    In a recent interview with Vogue, the York sisters also opened up again about how they’ve moved forward from negative criticism, explaining that they now chose to be positive instead.

    Eugenie said, “We believe very strongly in who we are, and the support system of our friends and our family is pretty incredible. There’s no point being angry with anyone for beating us up – we just need to shine light and love in the world.”

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