Princess Anne’s futuristic sunglasses keep unique fashion trend in the family - as this Princess Margaret throwback proves!

Princess Anne's futuristic sunglasses have been glimpsed on plenty of occasions and Princess Margaret had a very similar pair...

Princess Anne’s futuristic sunglasses are similar to Princess Margaret's. Seen here are the two royals at different occasions
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Princess Anne’s futuristic sunglasses have kept a unique fashion trend in the family - as a Princess Margaret throwback photo proves! 

The Princess Royal’s signature style might be a far cry from some of Kate Middleton’s dresses but is every bit as iconic and recognizable as the future Queen Consort’s. Whether it’s Princess Anne proving brown suede is back in style or Princess Anne giving Jamiroquai vibes with a fluffy hat, she’s never afraid to forge her own fashion path. The same could be said for her choice of shades and when the sun comes out, Princess Anne’s futuristic sunglasses aren’t far behind. 

She’s often been seen wearing this particularly unique style and they’re in-keeping with a family fondness for this kind of eyewear. We’ve come across a throwback snap of the late Princess Margaret wearing very similar sunglasses to her niece - and she took to the water in them! 

Princess Anne and Princess Margaret wearing similar sunglasses at different occasions

(Image credit: Future//Image 1: Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images //Image 2: Photo by Slim Aarons/Getty Images)

Princess Margaret was photographed wearing bold white sunglasses which bear a certain resemblance to Princess Anne’s as she swam in the sea during a vacation in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia in 1967.Just like the Princess Royal’s shades, these are white with statement reflective lenses, sweeping around her forehead in a very curved design. 

Similarly, Princess Anne’s futuristic sunglasses have white frames and prominent, angled lenses. Though hers are a more streamlined than Princess Margaret and we’ve seen the King’s sister wear them at everything from John Smith's Grand National horse racing meeting in 2011 to Royal Ascot and a visit to the Isle of Wight in 2021.

Princess Anne, The Princess Royal attends 'Liverpool Day'

(Image credit: Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

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Princess Anne’s shades were her go-to eye protection of choice during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant last summer too, proving just how surprisingly versatile this bold style is. Both she and Princess Margaret seem to have enjoyed making a statement with their sunglasses and favored white-toned frames and big lenses for maximum eye coverage. 

Whilst Princess Margaret wore hers during her downtime from her royal role, her niece has showcased how to make snazzy sunglasses work at even the most formal of events, adding a sporty edge to her overall looks. This is definitely in-keeping with Princess Anne’s passion for sports, particularly horse-riding which she used to compete in.

Princess Anne, Princess Royal attends the Platinum Pageant

(Image credit: Photo by Frank Augstein - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

And although Princess Anne’s futuristic sunglasses aren’t quite as classically chic as Kate Middleton’s sunglasses, they echo her practicality when it comes to her fashion sense. With King Charles’ coronation weekend drawing closer, it’s possible that Princess Anne might bring out her shades on any brighter days where she’s out attending scheduled events. 

Given the gravitas of the actual coronation ceremony it’s unlikely fans will see her wear them then, but she was prominently seen over the Jubilee weekend last year so could attend multiple events in May too. 

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