Princess Anne teaches us all a lesson in sartorial elegance with crisp striped shirt and upturned collar

Princess Anne's striped shirt at the Coronation Big Lunch was the perfect stylish summer outfit - here's how to copy her look

Princess Anne's striped shirt
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The Princess Royal was among the many members of the Royal Family who attended the Coronation Lunches across the country on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

The Princess Royal And Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence attended a Coronation Big Lunch street party in Swindon the day after the King's Coronation on Sunday, May 7. The royal couple looked cheery as they chatted with attendees and enjoyed cups of tea with the members of the community who worked together to throw this celebratory street party.

The Princess looked casual and chic as she wore a multi-colored striped shirt underneath a cream-textured cropped blazer and a pair of navy slacks. The Princess added a chic twist to her look as she upturned the collar of her shirt - creating a very stylish look to her outfit. The collared shirt is the perfect way for the Princess to maintain her sensible style choices, while also adding a little color or personality to her fashion choices.

Princess Anne

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Striped Cotton Broadcloth Shirt, £129.00| Ralph Lauren

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Striped Cotton Broadcloth Shirt, $69.99 | Ralph Lauren

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Upturned collars, on some of the best shirts for women, have been seen everywhere recently, and now they're on royalty! Showing that the Princess truly has a keen eye for fashion trends.

If you want to duplicate the Princess's look, there are a number of stores that sell multi-colored striped shirts just like this. Ralph Lauren is particularly known for their wide range of striped shirts that come in a range of materials so you can achieve the perfect summer ensemble.

Oversized shirts are a staple for this summer and opting to buy from the men's section can ensure that your linen or silk shirt has the optimal amount of fabric so you can avoid a clingy fabric look.

This upturned stripy shirt become a go-to style for the royal in the summer months. In July 2022, Princess Anne delighted fans in a jazzy striped shirt with an on-trend upturned collar at a royal outing.

The Princess looked wonderful at this event, and it seems she has returned to this classic style as the weather begins to get warmer in the UK. 

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