Prince William's Caribbean tour will mirror Queen's Golden Jubilee visit as he prepares for future as King

Prince William's Caribbean tour is set to take place in just a few days and will seemingly mirror the Queen's previous tour

Prince William's Caribbean tour
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Prince William's Caribbean tour is set to mirror the Queen's previous trips, as the young royal prepares for his future role as King.

In celebration of the Queen's upcoming Platinum Jubilee, it has been announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be going on a Caribbean Tour from  Saturday, March 19 until Saturday, March 26.

It is thought that this trip will be preparing Prince William for life as the head of the monarchy as the trip mirrors some of the previous trips taken by his grandmother many years ago. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to visit Belize. Reportedly the couple will visit historic Mayan sites, celebrate the rich culture of the Garifuna community, and explore the country’s biodiversity at sites such as Belize's Ambergris Caye.

The Queen visited Belize in 1984 and again with her late husband Prince Philip in 1994. While in the country Her Majesty was entertained by local artists and learned about Belizean culture. In celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Prince Harry was sent to Belize in 2012 and spoke about Her Majesty's love of the country. 

"Her Majesty has asked me to send her good wishes to you all. She remembers so fondly her visits to this beautiful realm and speaks of the warmth of welcome she received on her most recent visit in 1994," said Prince Harry. 

It is clear that the Duke and Duchess' trip will emulate Her Majesty's tour almost 30 years ago as Prince William steps up to maintain a positive relationship between the monarchy and the people of Belize.


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The royal couple will then visit Jamaica where they will chat to the Jamaican Defence Force, and then celebrate the legacy of Bob Marley and other ground-breaking Jamaican musicians and emerging talent. 

In another parallel with the Queen, Her Majesty visited Jamaica 20 years ago in 2002, but in celebration of her Golden Jubilee marking 50 years on the throne, rather than her 70-year milestone that is celebrated in 2022. While on this tour, Her Majesty also paid tribute to Bob Marley as she visited Trench Town, the birthplace of the reggae legend. 


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The Duke and Duchess’ visit will end in The Bahamas where they will spend time with communities across a number of islands. The couple will also experience a world-famous junkanoo parade. 

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited The Bahamas during their Caribbean tours of 1966 and 1975, and during the Silver Jubilee tour in 1977. Her Majesty also attended government meetings in Nassau in October 1985, and then again in March 1994.

While in the Bahamas, the Queen enjoyed parades and festivals similar to a junkanoo parade during her jubilee tour which marked  Her Majesty's 25-year reign on the throne. Now, 45 years later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will continue the Queen's legacy as they visit these Commonwealth islands.


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It has been reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton's Caribbean trip could change the future of the British monarchy forever. This is because the couple's presence will renew the relationship between the monarchy and the Commonwealth nations while also looking into progressive ecological issues.

Although this week-long tour will see the Duke and Duchess leave their young children at Kensington Palace for a week, there is a sweet way that Prince William and Kate Middleton will include their children in their upcoming Caribbean trip.

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