The surprising reason William and Kate might not stay at Meghan and Harry's home on US trip revealed

Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to visit the US later this year

Why Will and Kate may not stay with Prince Harry on US trip
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Prince William and Kate Middleton are unlikely to stay at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's home during their visit to the US later this year, according to inside sources. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton will make an exciting trip to the US later this year, marking their first visit to the country since their New York and Washington tour in 2014. 

The Duke of Cambridge confirmed in October that the second annual Earthshot Prize Ceremony for his sustainability initiative would take place in the North American country, "where we will continue to spread this vital message of urgency, optimism, and action." 

The exact venue has yet to be announced, but if it's anything as opulent as last year's Alexandra Palace in London, you can be sure to expect a pretty snazzy affair. As for the date, it's likely to fall in mid-autumn, with the 2021 event occurring on 17 October. 

It's been widely speculated that Will and Kate will visit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, during the trip—for what will hopefully be an opportunity to reconcile after a tumultuous two years. 


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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have notoriously been on rocky terms with their British relatives ever since their high-profile withdrawal from the Royal Family and emigration to North America in January 2020. 

The controversial move resulted in the Queen confirming that the couple would not return to the UK to serve the Crown, leaving the remaining senior royals to fulfill the surplus responsibilities left in their absence. 

This tension was only fuelled by Harry and Meghan's allegations of racism against Buckingham Palace in their bombshell Oprah interview, as well as the Duke's comments that he inherited 'genetic suffering' from his ancestors on Dax Shepherd's podcast. 

It's understood, however, that the couple is finally ready to put the past behind them and embrace the Cambridge family into their California world. 

Harry and Meghan

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"They want to build bridges with William and Kate, introduce the kids to their cousins, and show them in person what their life is like in America," a source told Heatworld. 

"They’re certain that there would be no better way for them to put aside their differences than by spending quality time together in the California sunshine." 

According to the insider, the Sussexes are particularly intent on hosting William and Kate, as well as their three children, at their £14 million Santa Barbara mansion

"Meghan feels that they would be playing by her rules because they would be in her home and her home country," they added. 

With nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, there's certainly plenty of space to accommodate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three young children, George, 8, Charlotte, 6, and Louis, 3. 

However, it looks unlikely that they will end up staying at Montecito pad—and it's all down to a very practical reason. 

This aerial view shows the general neighborhood of the new hometown of the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan, who recently purchased the Chateau of Riven Rock in the Montecito neighborhood of Santa Barbara, California, on March 5, 2021

Harry and Meghan's affluent neighbourhood, Montecito 

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According to royal expert Neil Sean, Meghan and Harry's swanky abode simply isn't safe enough for such high-profile guests. 

"They could not, of course, stay there," he explained, citing "security" as the biggest issue. It's no secret that Kate and William are used to staying at extremely gated residences, with Kensington Palace's security system including 24/7 policing, spiked railings, and high-tech CCTV. 

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's house does have protective measures in place, it hasn't exactly proven itself as bulletproof to intruders over the past year. A 37-year-old man was arrested for trespassing onto the property over Christmas 2020, while police have been called to the address multiple times due to alarm activations. These security scares are likely to deter the Cambridges from accepting an invitation to sleep over, even if they've made up with the couple. 

Meanwhile, it's understood that Prince Harry is facing the 'ultimate dilemma' as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee draws closer. 

The Duke's attendance at the celebrations for Her Majesty's 70th anniversary on the throne has yet to be confirmed, with some royal experts predicting he might skip the June event due to conflict over his upcoming memoir. It's also understood that Prince Harry has refused to return to the UK unless the Home Office allows him to pay for government security—a request that has already been denied. 

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