Prince William's adorable private words of encouragement to England champions revealed by lipreader

Prince William's private words of congratulations to the women of England's Euros team have been revealed by a lipreader

Prince William's private words
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Prince William's private words of congratulations to the champions of the Women's Euros 2022 have been revealed by a lipreader and some of the players in the team.

Prince William’s sweet message in support of the Lionesses delighted fans as the Duke took to Twitter to congratulate the winners. However, the Prince's private words on the pitch immediately following the match have now been revealed as a lipreader has decoded William's sweet words.

Juliet Sullivan revealed to the Daily Mail that the Prince told Chloe Kelly, "Well done, you were so powerful." He then told Mary Earps that she was 'amazing', and Nikitta Parris that she was 'fantastic.' 

Prince William and Jill Scott embracing

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To Jill Scott, the Prince said, "I am so so proud of you." The Prince has a close relationship with Jill and has previously joked that he 'still has scars' from the England player. "It stems back to about 10 years ago when we did a charity event and I slipped and side-tackled him and actually wiped him out," said Jill in a previous interview about this inside joke. "The running joke whenever he sees us is, ‘No yellow cards this tournament Jill!’."

Leah Williamson revealed that she went to shake the Prince's hand but was pulled in for a hug by the Duke. "I think I went to shake his hand and he said, 'Leah, bring it in' and I said, 'Thank you sir'. He was like, 'I'm very proud of you all'."

Prince William

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These uncovered private messages from the Duke to the team demonstrate that he takes his role as the President of the Football Association very seriously and is passionate about women's involvement in football. 

This passion has also extended to his only daughter. Prince William and Charlotte cheered on England's Lionesses ahead of the Euro final and the young Princess adorably wished them well as she said, "Good luck and I hope you win."

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