Prince William reveals his secret festive obsession

Can you believe the Prince enjoys this activity?

Prince William ice skating
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Prince William has revealed that he enjoys a certain frosty activity during the festive period—and it shows off his sportier side!

Although Prince William may seem like a sophisticated and unflappable member of the royal family, the Duke has revealed that he too has had his fair share of embarrassment, and particularly when it comes to this seasonal hobby.

In a recent interview with the Royal Marsden London Hospital's radio station, the Duke of Cambridge revealed that although he loves ice skating, he's 'like a deer on ice' and isn't great at the festive activity.

In a pre-recorded interview that was taped at the Prince's home in Kensington Palace, the Duke was asked by a 6-year-old listener named Millie if he enjoyed ice skating.

"Millie I do like ice skating. I'm not very good. I bet you're better than me," Prince William responded to the young girl. He added, "My feet are all over the place. I look like a deer on ice. It's really not very pretty. But I do like ice skating."

Prince William is a known sports fan and has been President of the Football Association (FA) for the past 15 years. The royal took over the role in May 2006 and it is clear that he takes his role very seriously and has even encouraged his wife and eldest son Prince George to help him when it comes to supporting England's football team.

In recent years, Kate Middleton shows her sporty side as she takes to the court with tennis champ Emma Raducanu. Kate was also an avid rower and field hockey player when she was at school and university, so it's clear the royal couple share a love of sports!

Other members of the royal family have also shown off their sporting prowess in recent years and some have even competed in the Olympics!

In the 1976 games, Princess Anne competed in the Olympics for equestrian sports as a member of Team GB. Although she didn't win a medal, her daughter Zara Tindall became the first member of the royal family to win a medal when competed in the London 2012 Olympics and won a silver medal.

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