Prince William pauses family holiday for important message of support

Prince William paused his family holiday so that he could pen a sweet message of support to the women on England's Football team

Prince William paused his family holiday
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Prince William paused his family holiday at Balmoral Castle so that he could send a sweet message of support to the Lionesses following England's semi-final against Sweden. 

Prince William is currently relaxing on holiday at Balmoral Castle with his wife Catherine and his three children. Although the royal is supposed to be taking a break from royal duties, the Prince was clearly swept up in the excitement of the semi-final Euros match and took to Twitter to share his delight and congratulations with England as they won 4-0 against Sweden.

"Congratulations @Lionesses on making it to the #WEURO2022 final on Sunday. The entire country is so proud of everything you’re achieving. We believe in you and will be with you all the way! W," said the Prince in a tweet on social media.

Ahead of the match he also tweeted, "Good luck tonight @Lionesses, the whole country is behind you #WEURO2022 W."

During the match, the Duke of Cambridge also replied to a tweet from the Lionesses that read "IT’S FOURRRRRRRRR," referencing the number of goals the team scored in the semi-final. Prince William responded to this with a clapping hand emoji and a praising hands emoji. 

Fans loved this genuine enthusiasm from Prince William who has always been a keen supporter of football. Ahead of the Euros, Prince William shared a rare personal show of support in an emotional message to the Lionesses, showing that he has followed their journey throughout the tournament. 

The Prince even met with England's team a few weeks before the Euros began and tried to shoot some goals with them. During this meeting, the Lionesses gifted Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis with an adorable treat of personalized football tops with their names on the back.

Prince George

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Although fans loved Prince William's messages of support, some questioned why he didn't attend the match in person when he has previously attended the Euro matches for the men's team.

"Why are you not there? Sure you would if it was the men, in fact you were," said one fan. Others suggested that he could still go to the final which is set to take place on Sunday, July 31, 2022. "Missed watching today but congratulations William, please go to the finals on Sunday, we cannot wait to see you (please bring George and Charlotte too!!)" said the fan.

It is unclear if Prince William will fly back from Scotland in order to watch this final in person - but fans are still extremely hopeful!

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