Prince William labelled 'sexist' for Women's World Cup commotion, 'deplorable decision'

Prince William was labelled a 'sexist' as the Prince of Wales is criticized for not making an appearance at the Women's World Cup

Prince William was labelled a 'sexist'
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Prince William was labelled a 'sexist' following his decision not to attend the Women's World Cup final at the weekend.

Last week, Prince William confirmed he wouldn't be making a major overseas trip as it was announced that he would not be travelling to Australia to support the England football team in the Women's World Cup final against Spain. This was particularly disappointing for the Lionesses and England supporters as members from the Spanish Royal Family were in attendance. 

In support of the Lionesses, the Prince released a video wishing the Lionesses well, as he sat on a bench in a garden with his daughter, Princess Charlotte.

This video has since received a great deal of flak as Prince William was labelled a 'sexist' for not attending this important game. 

"This video by Prince William and his daughter is unbelievably disappointing. Not just because as president of the FA that he didn’t go to watch the game - if it had been the men’s World Cup I cannot imagine he would have missed it." said author and journalist, Poorna Bell on Instagram.

Political and women's rights activist, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu added, "What a sexist stance to take not to support the #Lionesses at #WorldCup2023 in person as President of FA & another failure by Prince William to lead by example. We know Men’s football is treated differently & deferentially. What a joke of a President! Deplorable decision."

Former Countdown star, Carol Vorderman, also criticized the Prince and used statistics to show much the Royal Family is costing the taxpayer. "Prince William, President of the FA, isn't travelling to support the Lionesses in the World Cup Final. Queen Letizia of Spain is going with her 16 yr old daughter. NOTE British Royal Family is the MOST EXPENSIVE in Europe (2021) Spain the cheapest. ALSO NOTE British Royal Family to get a 45% untaxed pay rise in 2025 from £86m to £125m. For what exactly?" said Carol.

Additionally, the Prince received criticism for choosing to include his only daughter in his video, and not either of his sons.

"But by only posing with his daughter - what exactly is the message he is sending to other boys and men, and his own boys?" asked Poorna Bell. "The gender gap in sports begins at a young age - and it fixes the idea that EVERYONE should be interested in men’s sport as the default and predominantly women and girls should be interested in women’s sport."

Others accused the Prince of using his daughter as a 'shield'. "Using Princess Charlotte, as PR shield to deflect from backlash of deplorable decision not to support #Lionesses in person as FA President, is stereotypically sexist & patriarchal. Brings out cute young daughter instead Prince William seriously lacks good sense #WorldCupFinal," said Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu.

Last year, the Prince of Wales missed the Women's Euro final but posted a similar video with Princess Charlotte cheering on England's Lionesses ahead of the game. 

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