Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, celebrates ‘cracking’ covid-19 vaccine

Amazing work!

Prince William speaks at an event
Prince William celebrates covid-19 vaccine
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The Duke of Cambridge has broken his silence on news of a covid-19 vaccine as he virtually met up with the team behind the Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccine. 

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, congratulated the team behind the Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccine - after news of it being up to 90% effective in preventing covid-19.

Everyone has been affected by the global pandemic, which has seen much of the country in lockdown for over half of the year, including the royals. 

Duchess Catherine even revealed she'd taken up this lockdown hobby, and an expert revealed why the Cambridge's were "prepared" for lockdown. 

So it’s no surprise Prince William was keen to catch up with the Oxford researchers responsible for “cracking” this vaccine.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take part in 'clap for carers' with their three children

The Cambridge family isolated at their Norfolk home 

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William, 38, joined Professor Andy Pollard, Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity, Professor Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology and Professor Louise Richardson, Vice Chancellor of Oxford University on a video call from the comfort of his home.

And expressed his sincere gratitude for all their hard work in allowing our country to go back to some sort of normality in the near future.

“Well done, I’m so pleased for all of you, I really am," he said. "I saw it in everyone’s faces back in June how much time and effort was going into this, and I could see that there was a lot of pressure on everyone, so I’m so thrilled that you’ve cracked it—so really well done."

Prince Charles wear glasses

Prince Charles contracted coronavirus back in March

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It comes after the father-of-three visited the laboratory in which the vaccine was being produced back in June and described the work as “exciting” and “fascinating”.

Prince William’s father, The Prince of Wales, contracted the virus back in March and described himself as “lucky” with how mild it was.

Opening up about the experience, Prince Charles, 71, said, "I was lucky in my case... but I've had it, and I can so understand what other people have gone through.

"I feel particularly for those who have lost their loved ones and have been unable to be with them at the time. That, to me, is the most ghastly thing.”

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