Clarence House turn Twitter comments off after Camilla is targeted by trolls for The Crown storyline

Some fans believe the show is completely accurate and not dramatised

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The Duchess of Cornwall has already had to endure a barrage of online trolls who believe that her 'affair' storyline in Netflix show The Crown is actually true.  In a bid to quieten the trolls, Clarence House, the official Twitter for Camilla and Prince Charles, has turned off comments on their latest posts.

• The Crown explores a storyline that Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla throughout his marriage to Princess Diana
• Trolls have taken to social media to criticise the Duchess, but the latest Clarence House posts had the comments section turned off
• In more royal news The Queen and Prince Phillip are said to have grown closer due to the Coronavirus pandemic 

The new series of the show, inspired by the lives and loves of the royal family over the years, portrays that Camilla, who is now married to Prince Charles, had an affair with him throughout his marriage to the late Diana.

Taking the work of fiction as the truth trolls have vented their anger at Camilla on Instagram. One troll left a comment on a picture of the Duchess saying: "Camila: The world hates you. Princess Diana forever.' 

Others shared tributes to Princess Diana next to a picture of the Duchess, while some even took to Twitter to share their views.

In a bid to stamp out the trolls the Clarence House Twitter account, which has over 900 thousand followers posts updates, pictures and videos about the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, have turned off comments on their latest posts.

The posts were highlighting the Duchesses latest charity work for domestic abuse charity Save Lives.

The post, which had nearly 500 likes, said: "Camilla HRH has worked for several years to draw attention to the plight of domestic violence and sexual assault faced by women and girls, visiting refugees and sexual assault referral centres (SARCs) both in the UK and abroad."

A patron of the charity the Twitter account had also posted a video of Camillia earlier in the day, again with comments turned off, to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 


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Before Clarence House turned off the comments one troll took to Twitter to write: "I am loving this season of The Crown. I had no idea Charles's affair with Camilla was happening during their entire relationship – dating/engagement/marriage… ugh. No wonder Diana was so miserable."

Camilla and Prince Charles were friends throughout his marriage, but according to sources Camilla and the Duke of Cornwall didn't start their affair until 1986, when his and Diana's relationship had 'irretrievably broken down'. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have now been married for fifteen years - the royal pair had a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall in April 2005.  

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