Why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were ‘prepared’ for lockdown together

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  • Body language expert, Judi James, has revealed the Cambridge’s time of “seclusion” at the start of their marriage has helped them in lockdown.

    The coronavirus pandemic and the three-month nationwide lockdown was a testing time for the strongest of relationships.

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    But one couple that seem unphased by their break from life in the limelight is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have been revelling in a “state of bliss,” according to body language expert Judi James.

    She believes it’s because it took William and Kate back to a time of “seclusion” that they enjoyed at the start of their marriage, when the couple lived in Anglesey.

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    Judi explained, “I think it’s fair to say that, in terms of their lifestyle, the lockdown might have been close to a state of bliss for William and Kate, as it reflects the seclusion they opted for at the very start of their married life up in Anglesey.

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    “Of course they now have three small children to keep them busy, but with George and Charlotte at that age when they are beginning to be introduced to all the rules and restrictions of royal life, and seeing how besotted Kate is with little Louis, it might have given them some valuable time to do some intensive parenting before all three melt into the school system.”

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    During the appearances the couple made during lockdown via video call, Judi said their body language signals made them look “relaxed and happy together.”

    She explained, “We’ve all seen those grimaces, eye rolls and flashes of barely concealed irritation that many couples have been using, but for the Cambridges it really does look as though their life in Anglesey provided some good training for their currently more secluded life together.”

    A match made in heaven!

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