Prince William and Kate Middleton warned ‘all eyes will be on them’ when Queen passes

Prince William and Kate have been warned that there will be a lot of attention on their marriage and family once the Queen passes on

Prince William and Kate warned
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been warned by royal experts that they will be the focal point of the monarchy once the Queen passes on and they move up the royal line of succession. 

Royal historian Dr. Ed Owens told Express that when the Queen’s reign ends, the new attention from the nation will become focused on Prince William and his family, even though it is his father Prince Charles who will ascend to the throne.

Ed said that as the couple is ‘extremely popular,’ but they will need to maintain their image as a perfect family to secure the future of the monarchy.

“The monarchy is safe so long as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge maintain their image as the ideal happy family,” said Ed.

The royal expert warned that their marriage would be scrutinized in their new position and the couple would once again face rumors about their relationship.

“They’re extremely popular and the concerns that were briefly aired about the state of their marriage a couple of years ago seem to have blown over. Once Queen Elizabeth II is gone, all eyes will be on them.”

Kate Middleton

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In recent months, Prince William and Kate have stepped up to fill in for the Queen since the monarch took time away from royal duties because of her sprained back.

In place of Her Majesty, Kate Middleton stepped in to appear at the Remembrance service and many claimed that her new position at this event highlighted her new important role within the royal family. 

Similarly, at the COP26 event, Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped in for the Queen and made an appearance on behalf of the royal family.

Kate in particular has also taken on more important work as a solo royal and recently hosted a Christmas Carol concert at Westminster Abbey. The Duchess was joined by various members of the royal family who all made an effort to support their in-law at this London event.

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